Man Chao Huan – Chapter 12


I am back after a sudden long hibernation during christmas and new year. For that, i am sincerely apologize. ‘The Higher Up’ from home came to check if my life is still on the right order and yeah, i got pile of new and renewal responsibility, adding with bad weather here in somewhere part of Europe, caused my influenza viruses flares up almost every day. ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)

Although last year i promised to at least post one chap a week, but now seems a bit hard, especially during the busiest time for student, exams, exams, and another exams and there’s another exams being ༼ ಥ﹏لಥ ༽ ᵘgᵍʰ

But! But! Do not worry, despite the turtle speed, or maybe like a thousand years old turtle, because he was so old and toooo slooooow to move, i will still translating this one and another one, only please be patient. Any help or any VOLUNTEER on the chapters are very welcome anytime!!! Edited or not, Proofreaded or not, are both okay too. ꒰(@`꒳´)꒱

Any correction on grammatical errors are welcomed too..

Here we goooooo!!!!



Mr. Zhang seems like her, how about i send her to you?” Zhao Jian Shen smiled wickedly.

Count me out! How could a young fresh flower that that matches with this old man? What a violation under the heaven! Wangye, if you like, you can bring her into the Wangfu, pressumably Wangfei will be verry happy about that.” Zhang Qiao Yu this old urchin, Zhao An who stood beside him, he really wanted to laugh but dared not, only held it back painfully.

Say it straight to the point!” Zhao Jian Shen really didn’t want to urge this old man recklessly.

Ah, this Yun Ge acted strange and indifferent, unlike those women from lowbirth, her attitude is neither overbearing nor humble. Speaking about that, even the ordinary man who dares to express their opinion in front of Wangye are not much. This girl is really not that simple, ah!”

Zhao Jian Shen nodded slightly, hinted Zhao An that the old man also talk about his own opinion.

Very calm and composure. Just like yesterday, under such a dangerous situation, it was clearly seen that, rarely, a weak woman dare to confront a 7-feet tall man armed with weapon and decided anything decisively. She is not an ordinary person, but…” Zhao An wondered about what kind of words should he used.

But i feel her answer for today was not revealing all the truth.” Zhang Qiao Yu said with a smile.

According to what i have remembered, this Yun Ge seemed to deliberately move further away from the position Li Kai was on, avoided to stay too close to Li Kai.” Zhao An said.

This girl should have known that Li Kai was hiding something since the beginning. Zhao An, have you really confirmed that she really doesn’t know any martial arts?”

“Judging from her breathing and movement, she does not seem know any martial arts.” Zhao An was very sure about that.

Wangye, from what this old man see, this girl Yun Ge’s background is really not that simple. Since there is no more malicious intention towards this Wangfu, just want to see what Wangye will do to take care the matter on hand.” Zhang Qiao Yu winked with a hidden meaning, didn’t expect that this Wangye’s attitude was so plain as water surface, to think he could fooled this old man’s eyes.

Wangye was clear as day very interested in this woman!

The more interesting part to see was at the time this woman looked at Wangye’s eyes insipidly with her clear eyes and didn’t seem different from the way she looked at an ordinary person.

It was unexpectedly existed a woman that didn’t have even a bit interest in this high rank Wangye who was smart and handsome that was famous among seven country?! This was really not a simple amusement.

Yun Ge had not yet finished her lunch, several singer dragged Yue Yi along who was quite familiar with Yun Ge to her room. Although they were frightened yesterday, but to find that Wangye was so handsome and then they thought since yesterday Yun Ge had saved Wangfei, she made a great contributions and to be summoned today, their heart were thumped irregularly.

Perhaps, soon Yun Ge would became the rightful Wangfei on the Wangye’s side, only by her mentioning their name, they didn’t need to sit on the cold bench alone anymore.

This several women bickered around Yun Ge, kept asking her the same question about how was the meeting with the Wangye just now, what kind of clothes was the Wangye wearing, what were they talking about, who was waiting beside Wangye. The main focus was would Yun Ge come along with Wangye to going back to his Wangfu?

Yun Ge’s head suffered a great dizziness and reluctantly said: “This little woman has just come back from the calamity, the beauties here please be lenient on me and spare me this time, alright?”

21 thoughts on “Man Chao Huan – Chapter 12

  1. nami says:

    Welcome back. Thank you for still trying to find the time within your busy schedule to translate this novel. Poor Yun Ge, she just wanted a nice, quite and simple life ahaha. Calamity sure hits hard


  2. whocares7155 says:

    I know that C Fensi did the earlier chapters but seeing that you have a different look at tthe translation you might want to consider adding the first chapters to the NU list as well.

    Aside from that thank you for the translation. From the synopsis it seems to be an interesting variation on the tossed back in time (and a different world) compared to the usual Chinese novels appearing on NU.


  3. Sharl says:

    Thanks for the new chapter..
    Btw Wangfei means wife, right? how come his mother become wangfei?? or maybe i was wrong?
    Anyway this is a nice novel.. only hope that this novel wont be dropped..


    • aneztata says:

      Wangfei, as far as i know is a wife of a lord or a prince. there is still no explanation about this for now. but after chapter 13-14, they will go back to the capital, hopefully it’ll be explained there.


  4. Reez says:

    Can we expect a regular update going forward??? its really frustrating when stories are left midway… Its like raising the expectation of the reader and letting them high and dry midway. Not fair!!!!


    • aneztata says:

      I cannot say anything about regular update, because we are just voluntarily do this series without any payment and sort and we also have our other priority, so sorry.


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