I stood still on the ground, couldn’t clearly tell what kind of feeling i had in my heart, only said: “Wu Min Jun, you people are really…”

How was it for real, but didn’t know how to say it.

He instructed me to summon Sheng An back, treated her properly, because i was the one who started the conversation: “Do you know, she is dressed just in plain clothes, her ear is only decorated with white colored flower bud….” He made me to change it into blossomed flower, and actually because of that, they got an answer from Sheng An, a terrible information.

Wu Min Jun understood women than women herself. I really don’t understand how he was born with such exquisite intelligence and twisted mind.

Wu Min Jun looked at me. “What?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing, only i feel Sheng An is really pitiful.”

Just because people deceived her to think she can have you.” Wu Min Jun’s lips twitched. “You still can say such nonsense.”

I let out a sigh. “Precisely because of that that i think she was so pitiful. To be cheated like that was not an honorable things.”

Hey, who did you know that Sheng An will tell you that?”

It was obvious, since they wanted to assassinate me, it was impossible for them to do the impossible task only once. But i couldn’t predict the precise time, that’s why i coaxed the words out from Sheng An.” He said ligthly.

I shook my head: “Smart like a demon. Wu Min Jun, i am afraid that you will not life for long due to the jealousy from others because of your outstanding ability.”

With hidden understanding, Wu Min Jun said: “Rest assured, as my empress, you must be burried with me.”

I glanced at him and said: “What are we going to do about this? Letting her go like that to Nan Wen Country? What about the people in her clan?”

Wu Min Jun said: “Kill them.”

I was perplexed: “Ah? Didn’t you said, as an emperor, you cannot let out image of a tyrant and arbitarily kill people?”

Wu Min Jun faintly smiled: “Who said that i am murderous? Princess Sheng An didn’t only tell us, also left the evidence.”

I hesitantly asked: “That three words?”

Wu Min Jun smiled and nodded his head. He draw out that paper that had three words ‘Yuan Jun An’. “It was a well copy from Yi Wang Family. Irregardless of old and young, or their gender, they are all to be punished.”

…..” I stared blankly at Wu Min Jun for short awhile before shook my head. “I do not make such a decree.”

Wu Min Jun coldly said: “What has happened?”


T/N : Honestly, though i like this kind of story, it is a bit harder than MCH to translate, also the chapter almost 3 time longer, and took longer time to translate. As for schedule, i can only say MCH is one chapter per week, while WGYP, i can’t say for sure. but i will not abandoned both of them, only take longer time than the other translator.


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