Qi Meng Xuanji – Prologue

Haloha dear reader….

I am terribly sorry for the long await of this series.. at least being close to christmas break, there is no more stupid exams, except my final big project, need to be submitted before holiday (another mountain of stress)

Since i choose the web version of Man Chao Huan, the name was also different and there are more detail in the story, so i hope your patience as  i also feel impatience, hahahaha……

For today, i only translated the prologue to provoke your curiosity (or maybe not?). Hopefully i can finish chapter one tomorrow, because the chapter is long enough, almost three times longer than the book version..


Black belly prince and big tortoise beautiful girl. The course of event was so easy to know that the outcome was guaranteed.

Beauties, as the black belly of this generation, the big BOSS prince, Zhao Jian Shen, who appeared to be more than that, never expected that Xie Xuanji was so hard to get.

Temptation had no effect. Although this woman loved money so much, it was not easy to take advantage of her.

Sent her rouge, nail polish and jewelries, she’d change it to money to escape.

Even if she was given a status as Wangfei, she didn’t care at all.

Seduction was seemed to be effective at first, unfortunately it was turned out to be failure.

Being gentle to her, she would doubt he had conspiracy behind it.

Treated her coldly, it didn’t really matter to her.

Made things difficult for her was unsuccesful either, because in front of her, all the problem would be solved in unexpected ways.

This woman responded to him by saying: “Other than gold and silver, any thing that being used by other people, i don’t want them at all!”


Back with the same issue, about copycat and thief, and its family… i still cannot do anything about them  and i am a little bit noob when it comes to program, hehehehe… shall i put password, randomly? Change whenever i want? Or any help?

(PS: This story is belong to 峨嵋 completely, and i am only translating this as a way to study mandarin)

One thought on “Qi Meng Xuanji – Prologue

  1. aiya03 says:

    Yay! Thanks for starting back again on this novel 🙂

    About protecting your work fron thievea, hmmm…. password?? Don’t think it’ll work since you’ll still be sharing it. How about a huge watermark with your website page on it? It’ll be a bit annoying when reading but at least you’ve marked it.

    Next, using softwares that protects content of your page from getting highlighted then copied?? I’m not sure what was that software but I noticed before other translation sites doing this, just can’t remember exactly where .

    Hope this helps.


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