Qi Meng Xuanji 1

Chapter 1 – After transmigation, keep maintaining the happy life (Part 1)

I said, you really lazy girl is really sleeping. Get up quickly! We are playing cards, only you have left!”

Yun Ge opened her eyes confusedly, habitually replied, “Adding with overtime work last night, you just make me sleepier.”

Yun Ge opened her eyes confusedly, habitually replied, “Adding with overtime work last night, you just make me sleepier.”

A beautiful maiden wore a costume of chiffon blue dress standing in front of the bed. Yun Ge suddenly remembered something, couldn’t helped but smiled. She came to this world for six months already, but always still remembered about her past life.

The beautiful maiden* in costume suprisingly said, “ What are you saying, still sleepy?!”

En. I feel a little bit unwell. You guys go play, do not need to mind me.” Yun Ge patted her soft pillow, intended to find Zhou Gong to continue their chat.

Hmph! When did you able to feel well? You only know sleep, sleep and sleep. Quick, get up immediately or otherwise i’ll pull out of your bed!” The beautiful maiden* said mercilessly.

Big sister Jing Xue, please spare this little one, okay?” Then continued to sleep again, sleep for a while longer.

Although the beautiful maiden’s name called ‘Tranquil Snow’*, but in the moment, it didn’t suited her character at all. To believe in a mere words was very ineffective, as she immediately took an action. She rolled up her sleeves before pulling the quilt from Yun Ge.

Yun Ge opened her eyes as her hand quickly grabbed her beloved feather quilt. Knowing that today she couldn’t escape them, she raised her hand, surrendered. “I wake up, i wake up. Do not pull anymore, okay? You just don’t it wasn’t easy to get this quilt. I’ll just accompany you guys playing.”

You only know how to care about these things. I really don’t understand how much strange idea do you have in your mind.” Jing Xue said triumphantly, as she went back to Flower Pavilion, didn’t forgot to urge Yun Ge to get up and dress properly. “Hurry up, everyone is already waiting there!”

Yun Ge climbed out of the bed, washed her face with the water from the basin near the window, as her mind cleared up a little. She muttered, “That’s right. I too feel that myself have a lot of wicked idea. In the end, it gave you guys a good time by playing cards. In the end, it destroys my own sleep.”

What are you talking about?” Jing Xue who was in the Flower Pavilion didn’t hear the words clearly, so she shouted loudly.

Nothing. I’ll be there soon.” Yun Ge sneered as her hand quickly put on skirt and dress. Her mind was thinking about the winter wasn’t cold as usual, but everyone were still covered with thick cloak outside.

(T/N: too short to read? hahaha… i am as lazy as Yun Ge now. any error, please do forgive. i am trying my best to make the story is flowing as we read)

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