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There is no doubt about it that Yun Ge always stay behind the closed door to do the accounting until sunset before leaving the small courtyard. The person she has contact the most is Zhang Ma and Aunt Li, who waits on her. And now, not even the maidservant in the garden has seen her.” Zhang Qiao Yu laughed. “I don’t know whether Wangye allows me to take a leave to the village to visit daughter-in-law?” The point here was he was also very curious about that woman.

This Wangye also plans to go to the village after Spring Festival, please asks me later for traveling together.” Zhao Jian Shen said it slowly. Yun Ge, this girl looked more and more intereseting, but the first one that could see her, it could only be him.

Looking at the white plum blossom outside the window, Zhao Jian Shen leisurely inhlae the cold air, thinking of the beautiful girl slept exactly like a sleeping cat in its nest. His lips brought a shallow smile. Yun Ge ah, Yun Ge, aren’t this meant that you send yourself to appear in front of me once again?

At the same time, in the village, Yun ge still didn’t know what disaster would come to her. She was busy took advantage of the end of the year’s holiday to take a break and stayed in the dream every day.

The girls who are in the courtyard, together with their loved ones, are also saddened by this year’s festive atmossphere

Yun Ge’s time to wake up to do her activity is getting closer and shorter.

Her loved one passed away earlier. She spent the whole ten days of Spring Festival alone without her family, made her numb which turned into a habit. After her mother passed away, she had been busy to make money to pay the debt, because the life keeps continue, which she didn’t expect her fate turned out to be what she has today.

It is also good. Although there are no relatives here, but at least she doesn’t need to worry about food and clothing, also no longer carrying a debt from the previous life. The only regret she has, she still owe herself of love. Live is not complete without it a…

On the New Year’s Eve, Yun Ge spend her day in drowsiness. A loud burst of crackling firecrackers wakes her up. Along with the loud sound of it, her door is opened abruptly. A group of girls who dressed up gorgeously, ‘xi xi ha ha’* to Yun Ge who is still sleeping on her bed. Together they laughed before saying: “Congratulations Accounting Officer** on the auspicious New Year!”

(*This means laughs ha ha hi hi… kinds like a naugty child wakes the parent with big grin on the face.)

(** The raw said 大人, which means big people, but usually can be found in the novel of similar genre like this one. Translated as either minister, officer or simply Daren.)

Yun Ge’s face looks confused, still doesn’t know in what situation she is in right now. She coldly reply: “Uh, you all too, congratulation, congratulation… What is this congratulation for?!”

A songstress jumps out from the crowd to stand before Yun Ge, triumphantly said: “Of course, it is for discussing the New Year’s red envelopes ah!”

Huh?!” Is there such a rule? It couldn’t be! She does the job cleanly, but no one told her to pay the money and give out the red envelopes. Is there any justice left?!

Just as Yun Ge’s small eyes and the beauties’s large eyes stare at each other, Zhang Ma comes in time. “All of you, please do not make fun of Yun Ge. The red envelopes are in my place.”

The girls cheer up as they turn towards Zhang Ma. One of the smiles and says: “Who is always let Yun Ge sleep and sleep a? She is never accompany us to go play, frigthened or not frightened us girls, how can it not be?

Zhang Ma smiles and gives each of the girls a red envelope to their hand. The girls take it and retreat from her room, allowing Yun Ge to stand up and grooming herself. Before leaving, they are also not forget to tell Yun Ge that today she must accompany them to play for the whole day.

After the girls are all gone, Zhang Ma takes out the largest red envelopes and hands it to Yun Ge, looks at the gentle expression on Yun Ge’s face, she pleasantly says: “Miss has worked hard these days. Clean yourself before you go out and play with the other girls. On the big day after tomorrow, my family will bring you to the nearby Miao Yin Temple to burn some incense.” Since it is rare for you to go out, you cannot sleep and then miss it. I’ll let someone to give you a few set of new clothes. Let Aunt Li take you back and dress up for the New Year.”

(T : 742)

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