Man Chao Huan

Original Name :   满朝欢

Author :   峨嵋

Genre :   Historical, Romance, Time Travel

Status :   Complete – 4 Volumes ( 131 Chapters)

Source :  Link

Translator : Prologue, Ch 1- 8 by CFensi (dropped, i guess)

Notes:   The one CFensi used and what i use are slightly different in the chapters section, so i will make a little arrangement from CFensi’s to fit into each chapter of the source that i use.


Description :    (From what was written in NU)

Career girl Xie Xuanji, trained in speedy calculation, was transported back to ancient times after dying and lands in the body of a beautiful girl, a singer who was given to the Zhao Palace by a wealthy merchant. By a twist of fate, Xuanji saves the life of Prince Zhao’s mother, attracting the attention of Prince Zhao. Prince Zhao is surprised as he finds himself falling in love, attracted by her independence and ingenuity.

Legend foretells her to be the reincarnation of a heavenly maiden, whoever that is able to obtain her would be able to unite the country. Thus, she attracts the attention of six countries. Despite her desiring for nothing more than a peaceful life, she is constantly thrown into turmoil, finding herself having to choose between the man she loves and a position as queen of the six palaces, how will she decide?


Sounds interesting, right? So this lazy newbie translator have been greedily decided to translate this one, because it has a little shorter chapter than WYGP.

As for when i will release it, let us observe where the wind blows…. XD