Alternative Name ;   公主贵性

Author :   则慕

Category:  Chinese Web Novel, Comedy, Gender Bender, Romance

Status:  Completed

Source: Link

Translator(s)/Translation Group:  Chapter 1-11 : alyschu of Alyschu&Co

Description: (by dramabooksandtea from shushenbar) 
With  a  heart  full of determination to  sacrifice myself, I decided to assassinate the Crown Prince from the neighboring country. However, when I woke up the next day, I discovered  that I had  transformed  into him, and he me.

Besides the feud between our countries, we had to confront numerous   other problems – for instance, how we intended to  bathe,  how  we  intended to  use  the  toilet,  and   most  importantly,  every  morning,  when I woke up, I  always feel slightly embarrassed.

He  wasn’t awkward in the slightest,  just that he frequently  forgot that I am a woman.