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Yun Ge’s second month of ‘transmigration’ is the annual festival. Although the heartbroken Yun Ge is a novice but a frail lady, she still needs to sort out the whole years account without no one to help. Zhang Ma has no other choice but to apologize for the tasks Zhao An gives her. As compensation, she especially tells Li Ersao to cook Yun Ge a delicious food every day, including tonic.

After she takes over the control, Yun Ge discovers that, although the number is not big, but it involves a lot of basic necessities. All the business in the vicinity of the village are linked to the manor. The monthly revenue of a manor is probably about one thousand two hundred. To know that here in the village, 22 silver pieces are worth as monthly revenue for the common people, no wonder Zhao Jian Shen have someone to keep them in track such as a nest of rice insects plus the incoming twenty guards of the manor.

This feudal landlord is rich!

Yun Ge doen’t know how long it will take time to organize all the account, hears from Zhang Ma that it need to be done within ten days before the festival so finish it earlier, but delays it until the payment deadline. Seeing the unbelievable look in Zhang Ma and Zhao An eyes, Yun Ge heart tumphs, it’s bad! She estimates the earlier payment, but still doesn’t care that much, only directly goes back to her own room to sleep for two days.

This year, Zhao Jian Shen also receives the account book of the side manor. Although the scriblbles are messy, the accounts is very clear and even the missing and the mistake of the old accounts are corrected and filled.

But Zhao Jian Shen is very unhappy. He lets her manage the village for the two months, and finished the years accounting within ten days. So summarize all in one book, it is very unreasonable but clearly seen that Zhao Jian Shen deliberately makes things difficult. He doesn’t expect that, not only she summarizes all, Yun Ge also does it less than half a month, also does it better than everyone else! Yun Ge ah, Yun Ge, what kind of people are you exactly?

Suddenly Zhao Jian Shen feel excited and looking foward to his servant, Ning Guo, whose he sends to spy on Yun Ge’s daily life to come back and report to him.

Zhang Qiao Yu comes into the study when he sees Zhao Jian Shen smiles while looking at the account book. He thinks which village account book that makes mistake that annoys him? Wangye is usually smile widely when someone is in very bad luck!

Zhang Qiao Yu comes closer to take a look, and finds out it was the account book of the side village that daughter-in-law had managed. He grins and asks a question, “Does Wangye satisfied with Yun Ge?”

Zhao Jian Shen looks up at his teacher, laughed naughtily similarly like in the brothel, secretly glad that his disciple is not that much.

Sort things out only within half a month like a veteran, doing a great job, how can i not be satisfied? I should thank you for your wisdom to be able to find such a rare talent.”

Zhang Qiao Yu who listened to this, is moved. “That little daughter of mine and that kid Zhao An are there, i wonder they find something suspicious about Yun Ge?” Such an very gifted accountant which is also a woman? A woman who was sent by a wealthy merchant?

Zhang Ma who had barely managed the account of whole Wangfu, years back then was the most capable woman in the capital that second to none. Do not know how much jealousy from the aristocrat family.

Knowing that people of this era are illiterate, the arithmetic level is very poor and many accounts are very complex to calculate, they rely the most on ‘Count Bamboo’, the small bamboo sticks to help them count. Among the woman, literacy is less important and will be considered as a rare creature. For a woman to actually manage the account, look at the Ji Guo, not to say the five big cities, the common big business cannot let woman to manage the account. At first Zhao Jian Shen only promise to let Yun Ge manage the account, apart from the temptatio, he really has no intention to make things difficult for her.

(TL: 742)

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    Thank you for the chapter X3. I hope you keep up with the translations. Love the story and the way you write it is smooth, not hard to read at all. THANK YOU


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    Thank you for the chapter. There were some grammatical errors, but still quite understandable. Thanks again for picking this up! Hoping to hear more from you soon! Best of luck on your team!


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