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Zhao Jian Shen agrees to the idea. Despite being attracted to Yun Ge, Zhao Jian Shen is still suspicious to her background and feels that it isn’t simple as it seems.

If Yun Ge knows what Zhao Jian Shen thinks of her, she will protest him. It was clearly Zhao Da Wangye that arranged her to go to this pavilion.

Yun Ge is frustated upon receives the task. She is obviously planned to be a parasite, how come is she suddenly get a work to do? Does that big boss Zhao pulls something behind the screen? Is it because he can’t she her eating without working? Obviously there are more than dozen girls in the village that idle, get food without working. Why is he suddenly against her?

But weak people has to lower themself under powerful person. Yun Ge pretends to be flattered at her new job.

The old butler only wants quickly go home to hold his grandchildren. Although he is dissatisfied with a woman overtook his post, he still teaches Yun Ge with dedication.

Speaking about Yun Ge, being quick-witted and strong memory are her strength. In her past life, in order to make her mother happy, she learnt the accounting very quickly despite her young age. Because of this aspect, she had a nickname ‘Count Dead Grass*’. All the calculation she did in the past was way to complicated than the current one, where she took a day to fully understand it, and used the rest to understand other things.

(* 算死草 – have no idea to translate it, so i follow what uncle google says. If someone has an idea about this, please kindly tell me)

To avoid everyone attention, Yun ge draggs the accounting for half a month, but even so, Zhang Ma and Zhao An’s people are surprised. As the old butler and accountant of this village, to be able to find such a wonderful succesor, he completely forgot the dissatisfaction in his heart.

Because Yun Ge takes over all the accounting’s matter, she is forced to get up earlier every day, every morning by big BOSS* Zhao Jian Shen and forces her to curse that old bastard teacher Zhang Qiao Yu.

(* The author really wrote BOSS in the raw.)

Luckily that her actual work is ver simple, only need half an hour every day to be done.

Most people cannot enter the account room, plus she is now wearing ‘ ‘Wangye’s woman’ title, even the old Zhao An no longer has free access to the room. Zhang Ma’s hand is also full with another endless trouble. There is no longer free time during the day.

Yun Ge simply smuggled the quilt pillow she hid in the room. Every day in the morning she will close the door and sleep on the bench below the window. After having meal in the noon, she will continue to nap before doing things in the afternoon.

Based on her high demand of sleep, Yun ge now is lacking sleep, resulting her face pale, caused Zhang Ma’s feels pity for her, that she is always looked too tired more than once, so she complains to her father that this arrangement is really wrong.

But Zhang Ma and Zhao An can’t help but admire Zhang Qiao Yu’s sight to the through the people. The household account, after being overtaken by Yun Ge, is became more orderly and presentable.

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Neither Wangye nor Wangfei were in their other courtyard. In this melancholy mist, chilly and desolate rain, Yun Ge’s heart was very relaxed. The mountain pressure from the two people had finally disappeared, and the series of misfortune that befall upon Wangfei was also gone. The previous peace in the house has settled down once again. All end in a happy life!

When Zhang Ma was in the middle of cleaning the study room, she met the bright face  of early spring of Yun Ge, couldn’t help but stopped her and straightforwardly asked her. “Miss, you had given a great opportunity but refused to go back to Wangfu, what are you going to do by staying here?”

Yun Ge foolishly said, “ Zhang Ma, aren’t you also staying here?”

Zhang Ma felt helpless as she thought how she could be compared to her? When thinking about it again, Yun Ge wasn’t an ignorant woman, so there must be a reason for this. Forget it, as long there was no harm in the Wangfu Zhang Ma thought, I’d follow her along.

Zhang Ma wanted to leave but Yun Ge stopped her. “Zhang Ma, i would like to ask you a favor, can i?

Zhang Ma was alerted but asked her anyway. “Miss please tell.”

Yun Ge grinned. “All the books in this Nanyuan library had been read by me, can you please go to the library in the side manor to pick some books for me?”


Zhang Ma gave a thought. “I don’t understand anything about books, I’m afraid that I will take the wrong book. How about miss tell me what book do you want to read and I will go to find it for you.”

Fictional light reading, as well books about geography and culture, a set of reformation books is also good. Uhm.. in addition a similar book like ‘Gui Xun*’, any other books is also fine. I thank Zhang Ma in advance.” Yun Ge shyly said it.

(To find out what is Gui Xun, check here… though no clear explanation, at least give you some idea what kind of book that is.)

In the night, Zhang Ma went back and told Zhao Jian Shen about it, couldn’t fully understand Yun Ge’s intention, also thought about how she didn’t go out doing something that might have some impact toward the Wangfu. Two days later, she brought Yun Ge one or two books from the library.

Zhao Jian Shen was still not assured, as he told Zhang Ma to test Yun Ge about the content of the books. The result was Yun Ge remembered the books she read vividly, even sometimes she added some unique perspective of her own.

Before married, Zhang Ma followed his father around to read books. Although her talent was not great, but compare to the average men, her knowledge was higher than them. Because after she married with her husband and worked at Wangfu, the time for reading was lessened. And at this moment, she had found someone to talk and discuss about anything, she was, of course, very happy. Heard the odd and strange words from Yun Ge, she couldn’t help but write to his father, Zhang Qiao Yu. Zhang Qiao Yu seemed also very interested in her.

One day, Zhao An wrote a letter about his retirement in some rural area. The manor thus lacked a person to manage. Zhang Qiao Yu hurriedly recommended Yun Ge to Wangye for that.

Hearing that name again, Zhao Jian Shen really couldn’t tell what felt right now in his heart. He thought that a mere feeling to this lowly woman, such feeling would disappeared within a month. He didn’t expect that after two months, only listen when someone mentioned her name, in an instant excited which almost broke his own cold facade, thus couldn’t felt but to let frustration to be born in his heart.

A woman as caretaker, is it appropriate?” Zhao Jian Shen lazily asked.

Wangye, this little girl is also not a mere housekeeper. Beside, in the letter I got, this girl is mentioned to be a smart and extraordinary girl and she stayed in the small manor for a year. Almost all the people in the manor know her. For her to take over this job, and the girl that does not afraid to arouse gossip about this job, it is appropriate.”

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Wangye was in the badmood. As the person in charge of him and his guards commander, the two naturally could guess what was on Wangye’s mind so Zhao An secretly asked Zhang Ma to inquire Yun Ge’s situation after the test*.

(*In case anyone ask what kind of test is that, in previous chapter, ZJS ignored YG and instead got ignored by her. There is no long explanation, but use imagination in this part. Using C-Drama as reference is also good)

Zhang Ma brought back the news that caused Zhao An’s head to hurted. The schadenfreude Zhang Qiao Yu was overjoyed as Zhang Ma repeated the information she got about Yun ge – that girl Yun Ge was indeed wanted to stay in separate courtyard.

That being said, several people still couldn’t believe from the bottom of their heart that there was a woman that more than willing to give up the chance to being a phoenix soaring to the sky. Instead, she would chose to ‘fall from the grace’, stayed in the cold palace like the unfavored concubine.

Even after Wangye and his entourage had travel ten miles, Yun Ge had not changed, showing no movement. They all thoroughly believed that Yun Ge was the rarest creature that exist under the heaven.

Zhao Jian Shen was still able to smile warmly like a jade, but the very closed people around him all knew that Wangye was very unhappy!

The entourage kept continue their trip back to the capital city. At the same night, Zhao Jian Shen, without telling anyone, secretly went back to the Hua Ting Hall. Going by to what Zhang Ma told him about Yun Ge’s room, he stealthly and directly snuck into her courtyard.

Zhao Jian Shen came into her room through the window from the outside as he faintly heard the constant sound of her breathing. Knowing that the person in the room was sleeping soundly, Zhao Jian Shen raised his hand to gently push the window without making any sound.

After he opened the window, with one quick leap, Zhao Jian Shen entered the room and saw his own shadow reflected due to the moonlight. This was not a laughing matter. A dignified Wangye like him, to actually doing the same things like a kidnapper only to see his own concubine*, if this was spread out, he would be laughingstock in the entire capital city.

(*ZJS really claims Yun Ge as his concubine, not just a servant, but not even a wife or someone he likes.)

With his skill, in the middle of the darkest night or the usual night made no difference for Zhao Jian Shen. Walked to the side of the bed, he lifted up the veil that covered the bed. On the bed slept the beauty who these past few days kept appearing on his mind.

His fingers gently brushed the eyebrow above of her eyes. He couldn’t help but remember their moment in the library, how Yun Ge looked straight at him with the pair of tranquil and bright eyes where his shadow was reflected. It was engraved deeply in his heart.

He desired this woman but this woman seemed to lacked interest toward him. According to the news from Zhang Ma told him, the moment she heard about their departure, she was very happy! So very damn happy!

Zhao Jian Shen was frustrated, but couldn’t stop the excitement inside of him. It had been such a long time that someone was able to provoke the turbulence in his heart, although it was unintentional.

Due to his prestige and pride, he naturally refused to do such a disgusting act such as forcing an unwilling woman. But due to the unhappiness in his heart, he also couldn’t let this woman lived a happy life!

The deep in sleep Yun Ge felt itchy from all of his touching, frowning as she tried to escape from him.

Zhao Jian Shen smiled. His left hand gently twisted Yun Ge’s chin toward him as he lean closer, gently kissed the red lips of the young maiden, whispered softly, “I will give you another chance. If your appear before me once again, I will take you with me.”

Yun Ge who had been harassed even in her beautiful dream, unconsciously twisted her body around and rolled up into the blanket like a kitten.

Zhao Jian Shen who was about to leave, looking at this cute and funny looking, suddenly he really wanted to turned back. He should just take her with him now!

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Yue Yi asked astonishingly, “What kind of misfortune have you experienced? Who made it difficult for you?”

With a wry smile on her face, Yun Ge said, “Wangye did. He said that even though I knew earlier that Guard Li was suspicious, I didn’t say anything. Then Wangfei would be trapped in danger and I would come to save Wangfei. If there is a chance within million that actually happened, I reckon that I cannot sit here and talk to you all today.”

Disappointed, the songstress all complained. “Ah!? You knew it earlier? Why didn’t you said it? Needless to say that Wangfei was in danger, we were also scared to death. It was a good thing you ruined it.”

Yue Yi nodded her head. “Yun Ge, in fact you were in the wrong.”

Yun Ge sighed desperately. Yesterday she was almost forced to be buried with the princess, today due to Wangye worrying for Wangfei, Wangye rebuked her. What kind of moral was that?

Several women were relatively depressed and stayed silent. From the outside Zhang Ma’s voice could be heard.

By opening the door, they saw Zhang Ma came and was followed by two maidservants by her side, the yesterday maids that stood on the side of the Wangfei. Their hands holding two large tray piled up with gold and silver jewelry and silk scarfed adding up like a hill. Suddenly the eyes of the women inside the room shone brightly.

Zhang Ma ordered the servants to put the things down and said that these were the rewards from Wangfei. Yun Ge thanked her three times before Zhang Ma took the servants away.

When she went back to her room, Yun Ge was meet with the sight of the women fighting excitedly like bloody cockfighters. Although Wangye didn’t seem to like Yun Ge, but the Wangfei seemed quite pleased with Yun Ge. As long Yun Ge followed Wangfei back to the palace, she didn’t need to worry about having no chance.

Yun Ge was forced to deal with them, listened to their frivolousness and they reluctantly left after eating dinner there. Before leaving, they didn’t forget reminded her repeatedly: After arriving at the Wangfu, do not forget to bring friends.

Yun Ge closed the door, stared at the gifts from Wangfei depressedly. Why doesn’t send her a cash reward instead? To carry these things around were very inconvenient and they were easily went into depreciation. That was really a big lost!


As she hastily put the gifts aside, Aunt Li came to help her boiled the water for bathing. A thought appeared to Yun Ge, from the pile of the gifts, she took three pieces of jade hairpin and put it in Aunt Li’s head.

Aunt Li quickly declined. “These things are too expensive. This old woman dare not to accept ah!”

Yun Ge smiled while saying, “Just take it. Give one to your daughter, the rest you can give it to your future daughter in law. I always troubled you, how can I be so ungrateful.”

Despite the refusal earlier, Aunt Li finally reluctantly accepted it. Yun Ge felt relieved. These things were better than some cash, but no matter what the outcome is, it is still good to give people something.

Wangye and Wangfei were rest in another pavilion for two days. Their intention about returning to the Wangfu in the capital was known by the servant of the room that currently boiled the pot and was spreaded out.

Every each of them thought about the possibility of being able to go back to the capital with Wangye. Many people had the same idea as Yun Ge. Yun Ge was thoroughly annoyed because they were hiding behind her as a shield. Anyway, the reputation of her addiction of sleeping were known not only for a day or two.

In the recent day, Wangye did not sent someone to harass her. She reckoned Wangye probably forgot about his own little servants. That gave her a piece of mind being that she only needed to wait Wangye go, then they can continue to live a dream life like a pest.

Yun Ge was very happy, there was also unhappy people, such as Zhao Jian Shen.

For these past two days he deliberately acted cold towards Yun Ge as a test. Other women in the pavilion, each one of them had tried every mean and trick to win his favor. This woman acted like there was nothing wrong in her life, all she did was sleeping all day long.  

(TL: 742  // E: Sovannah)