About Me

Hello, i am Eunice, for short Eu (not European Union, ok? (。•̀ᴗ-)✧). Eu742 is my favourite nickname since years ago but i am not that old, just about few decades? Kidding! Right now i am about two and half decades, which at the most sensitives ages said the elders. Why 742? It is, for real and in fact, my name also, but i find it is cute that way, so i leave it be.

My hobbies?  Too much! 。゚✶ฺ.ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ.✶゚ฺ。

Say, crafting? Drawing? Writing? Reading? Cooking? That are what i am doing the most, especially writing and reading, the third place is crafting.

What am i reading? Most of anything that consist words and text, or even nature (hahaha, nature-reading!). But yes, i read most of things, topics about life, health, lifestyle, nature, novel and its friends, almost all… Quite greedy, hm?.

My second hobby is writing, _φ(□□ヘ) yes, i am kinda like a writer or an author. There is section about that, but since the past few years countless plagiarism have ran amok like a virus to us writer and author, i kinda stop post my works. Maybe in the future, i will post once again.

The third place of the winner of my favourite hobbies is crafting! I LOVE CRAFTING!! ԅ(´ڡ`ԅ) Ah, but not like a carpenter or similar like that, they are on different level for me. Before six, i don’t think i did some crafting, but since after, mostly because my old elementary school and junior high school, had always ‘forced’ us to made this and that, wide range from paper, cloth, wool, yarn, drawing with pencil or watercolour, made a miniature of a house from wood stick, to the point you worked like an amateur carpenter only to make a third layer photo frame, purely of plywood.  At that time, i really hated my school so much that i can’t forget it until now. How our hard work got a standard point, not the best one.

While almost all of my friends and acquaintances had forgot all those inadvertently skill added to our live, i have used half of that to develop my third hobby further, and put aside anything that consist wood, nail and drill.


IS THAT ALL???  ∑(゚ロ゚〃)

No, no, no! I still have another hobby, like watching, listening, but not talking. I am a serious type (- say anyone who come to know me), so talking is a little out of range.  Watching is not only watching tv, drama, cartoon, anime, and sort, but also watching life and nature. TRY It! It is fun, for a handful of people though, but anyway, if you are used to it, it is fun. Listening is also the same way. It is not about you hear what people say, but try to hear the wind and your surrounding. (Feels like the novels i currently reading rub me in nonsensical talk)

Also, also, hobbies like shopping and travelling, i also love them, but i need to consider budget inside my little pocket and time. (.﹒︣︿﹒︣.)

I said my hobbies are too much, yes, it is true, isn’t it? How about the feminine one, like dancing, ballet, and sort? While i don’t particularly like it, i attended a ballet course long time ago, together with singing and piano course. That was what my mother would liked me to be, which unfortunately i wasn’t suited for that and behaved like a boy back then.  \(;´□`)/    Now i am way more eccentric. My friends had said the same during the school years ago, and i kinda like it.

Eccentric for me is not like a bad reputation. It is more like you are showing your personality based on what you are rather than based on what people thinks of you. Beside, eccentric is like you are one of kind among a certain number of people. Who hates to be unique? As long you are eccentric within human understanding, i can say it similar to unique. ( Based on my own theory, experience and understanding, no offence, okay?).

Phew! What a long section of ‘About Me’. Don’t mind my blabbering too much, after all… We are living in democracy era where every people are free to express their feeling. For now, it is enough of those above.

Please looking forward to my next crafting! o(*>ω<*)o

Tha.. Tha… (✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゜