(annoying) TEASER!!!

You have been warned!!!!

Yes, i am making a teaser after a long time period of busy daily life. As i said few months ago, i moved out into another country, i moved out once again into different continent for my study and future. YEEEEY!!!!

Believe me, it was stressful, awful, and drove you mad due to lacks of everything, uncertainties, and again you need to adapt in new environment, country, culture, and whatsoever…

I am in a good mood today, even if i supposed to have few assessments due soon and one exam next week and two or maybe 3 for next 2 week… Yes, i hope i can finish my project tonight and continue the story about our cool female MC facing some danger in the next few chapter.


Another hope is…. NO THIEF, PLEASE!!!! Because you (thief, copycat, and its family) destroy my good mood and only God knows what will i do…

So let’s pray and HOPE (while hope is still free to use) that we do not have those annoying for the next chapter….

See you soon!!!!!!!

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