Man Chao Huan – Chapter 11

Compare to the previous chapters, this one is a bit tricky, especially if the author used idioms here and there and i am quite blind about that, although i found a book about ‘500 Common Chinese Idioms’, i still need to wreck my brain.

Btw, i found a comedy C-manhwa (or is it manhua?) Firstly it was only the manga. It is funny and the drawing is my cup of tea somehow and i persistently searched for it raw manga and ended up in its raw C-novel. I think the status is still ongoing. Shall this moody newbie translator pick that one?

The name is Feng Qi Cang Lan. Good, but too short since less people know about it, and the translators really need some mood booster and support. If you like C-novel like DKC, GDBBM, or similar like that, you should like it also.


Chapter 11

Yun Ge was startled. Mother oh Mother….. This man changed too fast! She secretly stole a glance at Zhao Jian Shen, he was exactly the same evil* like the old fox bos this year, one with ruthless character, casually fooled others that even death sounded miserable.

(*腹黑老狐狸 – fù hēi lǎohúlí : Black bellied old fox. i notice that lot of C-novel have this words. i searched google and it said black bellied means like someone who has evil thought, should be like Jun Wu Xie from GDBBM.)

To honestly said to one self that you are inhuman and i am unrighteous, let the bandits seized the Wangfei, pretended to be poisoned to escape the chaos? Then looked at the bandits, who originally planned to rape the girls and kill them afterwards, only to have a temporary change of mind?

That’s being said, they were all dead for sure.

But if you said it all together recklessly, it was very likely that she would suffer the same fate as the bandits, a death.

As if she could read his mind, Yun Ge replied him with determination: “This lowly one only felt a doubt, but there is no evidence. That why i dare not to say, did not intentionally deceive anyone.”

The look on Zhao Jian Shen’s face was still normal, she boldly continued: “Guard Li, who at that time lying down around the corner said ‘Send out guards for help, all brothers has been killed’. At that time, this lowly one didn’t feel anything wrong with that. After that, all the guards came to defend from the outside, meanwhile in the hall only this Guard Li left alone. This lowly servant was timid. But by recalling that sentence, she felt something wrong.”

By the time Guard Li came, the bandits had besieged the manor for one two shichen*. If in a case that big brother guard was killed in the village, he didn’t need to wait until now to report. If he was killed during the journey, how did he learned the information? All of this was just this lowly servant blind presumption, so she dared not to act recklessly, also didn’t want to accuse wrongly at the guards’ life in the Wangfu, that’s why she dared not to say. Regarding to the fear that Wangfei experienced, this lowly servant really deserves death of thousands time**.

(*This shichen is really popular within historical C-novel. If i am not mistaken, 1 shichen = 2 hours of our modern time)

(**万死 : thousands of death. A famous words in every historical C-novel, even in C-drama.)

Well, she said it like this should be very reasonable and fair. Yun Ge secretly cheered in her heart.

You are overly cautious! This time’s matter, you really deserved the credit. You retreat first, Wangfei will reward you later!” Zhao Jian Shen no longer made it hard for her, only looked probing at her eyes with deeper meaning.

Yun Ge forced herself to calmly thanked him and bid him farewell before exiting the study room. He walked slowly all the way back to her room while spitting out all the sighed without no one looking.

What a terrible situation, almost reveal the secret!

In fact, at that time she found to suspicion. First was the words from the guard. Secondly was from the clothes of the guard. The upper part of it was stained with blood, but the whole clotes was completely tidy and neat. He was cut through the waist part, so where were so much blood come from? But since the guard had been clutching the wound from his waist, no one could see clearly how worse was the wound. But during the move, from inside the gap was revealed a white colored middle garment. In contrast on the outer part of his clothes there was a trace of blood. Blood flowed from inside out, so it was very unreasonable that the middle garment had less blood than the outer clothing.

Yun Ge who had seen this tiny facts, recalled that the words from the guard was not usual only to infer that he was the spy. But according to her knowledge, here in this world, the matter of dignity between men and women was a very serious thing. If a weak young women dared to stare at the man which covered with blood, it was no doubt like seeing a ghost. Therefore, under many consideration, she let them found any loophole in her rather than deliberately concealed it but no solid evidence to prove herself.

To be able to eat the delicious ribs and carrots that Aunt Li specially cooked for her, Yun Ge secretly rejoice in her heart that she passed today’s hurdle, but she didn’t care about the loophole those old fox had found in her.

In the study room, Zhao Jian Shen asked Zhang Qiao Yu and Zhao An: “What do you think about this Yun Ge?”

Zhang Qiao Yu revealed a very casual looked and smiled: “She is indeed a beauty.”

_____________________________________________________________________________T/N: Ossan praise our MC, ehm! She is off limited only to ZJS, hahaha!

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  1. XD says:

    “What do you think of this person?”
    When someone replies with “pretty” or “handsome,” I automatically judge them as superficial characters.

    But looking forward for more chapters! Thanks.


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