Man Chao Huan – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 (Officially translated by 742 (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ )

“Do you think she is suspicious?”

“The girls who came from the same place as Yun Ge said, that on their way to the Prince manor, she was seriously ill. After that, she just forgot her past for good. There were a time when she asked someone about strange things. This old servant had tested her before, she seems a little weird.”

“Other than today, there is nothing suspicious about her.”


” Today, Yun Ge was the one that had noticed their plan in an instant, that in the end saved the Princess. It happened really too fast.”

“You mean, she was the one that anticipated the movement of the Imperial Bodyguard Li*?”

(*Previously he was Li Guards based on JJSS08. In this chapter, i change him into imperial bodyguard Li.)

Zhang Ma was hesitated. In her heart, she was unwilling to believe that Yun Ge had a bad purpose. But out of loyalty to the Wangfu, she answered with certainty: “Yes.

“Today you all have worked very hard. Zhang Ma, you can go back to rest early.” Zhao Jian Shen stopped the conversation.

Looked at the back of Zhang Ma leaving the room, Zhao Jian Shen smiled. It seems that Zhang Ma appreciated Yun Ge so much. It was indeed interesting.

The time Yun Ge woke up, it was almost the lunch time. She dress up abit before went out to take the food that was prepared by Aunt Li. Well, the smell was really delicious! There should be spare ribs and carrots!

Zhang Ma came and saw the happy look on Yun Ge’s face when she held the food box while bathing under the sun. She looked a child, caused her smiled. Now is almost noon, does this girl just got up?

“Miss, Wangye invites you to come immediately to ask something from you.”

“Ah? Going there right now? To disturb Wangye’s lunch time, that is really not a good idea.” Yun Ge took a look at the food box in her arms, felt extremely sad. If someone understood her a little bit, what she meant earlier was “That is not a good thing to bother my lunch time.”

Looked at her reluctant look, Zhang Ma thought, based on the identity of Wangye, if he happened to summon a girl, do not need to mention a delayed meal time, even if the girl’s stomach is empty and last for another day or two, they are willing to go. This Yun Ge, is she really do not care about that or just a pretend? If it was the latter, then she is too naive.

“Wangye summons you, so you should go there quickly!” She couldn’t help but to raise the tone.

Yun Ge let ou a sigh, reluctantly put down the food box, in the end she went to.

Zhang Ma pulled her back: “This miss really intends to go like this?”

Yun Ge looked at herself, only to come into an understanding, that her face was to plai, also wore the plain robes with dull appearance. No need to mention a hairpin or bracelet, she even had no earrings on her ear. To actually see the Wangye like this, it was a bit too casual.

“Miss, please go inside to change your clothes for the better one.” Zhang Ma implicitly said, that maidservants on the Wangye’s mansion, although beautiful, couldn’t be spoiled. To allow Wangye looked at that, the person in charge also knew that this girl didn’t mean it.

Yun Ge blinked as she excuse to Zhang Ma that had been waiting for her at the door, obediently went back into the room while holding the food box.

It was also good. She could stealthy eat the luxurious food there, hehe!


T/N : She cares about food more than the prince (´つヮ⊂). Poor ZJS!!

15 thoughts on “Man Chao Huan – Chapter 9

  1. Degs says:

    Thank you for picking this up! I’m already dying to know what happens next
    The only thing though is can you please change the font to look like your authors comments or well anything that doesn’t look like script/cursive since it’s hard to read…. pretty please?
    But thank you so much, hope our ml will be faithful to our girl hohoho~

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  2. Novelcrazy says:

    Thank you for continuing this story. Yeah!

    Hope you continue till.the end for us, non-Chinese readers who just love ancient China novels.



  3. bobolander says:

    Thank you for the chapter!
    There is just one thing bothering me, Consort Wu = Princess? Isn’t she one of the wives of the Emperor? Shouldn’t she be a ce fei or whatever other rank there is?


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