Man Chao Huan – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 (Translated by JJSS08 upper parts and the rest by 742)

Returning to their own small courtyard, the guards checked to make sure no bandits had found their way in, then quietly left.

Yun Ge really wanted to directly collapse on the bed and sleep, but couldn’t help boiled a pot of water to wash up. Lying wrapped in her warm blankets, Yun Ge managed to enter a discussion with Zhou Gong (???a reference to some type of Sandman, maybe?) and slept dreamlessly until noon.

A mere servant could sleep peacefully, but a person of higher standing did not have that kind of luxury.

After guiding his mother to rest, Zhao Jian Shen immediately inquired his subordinates today’s event.

Because only the Nanyuan of the whole mansion could be considered relatively whole, compared to the rest of Wangfu, Zhao Jian Shen used the library in the Nanyuan as a temporary office.

After listening to the report of the guard in charge about the death or the injured guards. After the interrogation about the thieves, Zhao Jian Shen surddenly furrowed his brow and asked Zhang Ma who had just entered: “Does someone come here often to read books?”

Zhang Ma startled, followed Zhao Jian Shen’s gaze and saw a book (Analysis on Agriculture) by the small opening under the window, apologetically said. “This old servant have neglected her duty and forgot to clean up. This is something that Miss Yun Ge likes to read within the courtyard.”

The Wangye smiled lightly. “Zhang Ma, do not need to blame yourself. Today’s incidence must have tired you.”

Zhang Ma bowed her head grateful. The fact that the Wangye appreciated her hard work, moved her heart.

Yun Ge? Was she that girl who saved imperial mother today?” Zhao Jian Shen gently tapped his fingers on the ebony table but his eyes still looking at the book.

This girl’s interest in books was really too weird.

Zhang Ma took the book that had already at least read through half, found that there was another book underneath it, and this one was the book about the proper etiquette for young lady, then passing it on the desk for the Prince to see.

Zhao Jian Shen rifled through the books, found a small sheet among the pages, drawned with a strange, roughed face, sticking out its tongue in a quite comical fashion.

Zhang also took a look at the drawing, unconsciously smiled.

This Yun Ge, what is she look like?”

Zhang Ma thought deeply, carefully said: “To say she is different than normal people, i am not sure where is the different.” She then looked at Zhao Jian Shen’s expression before continued: “According her caretaker, Aunt Li, said she is very lethargy, good at cleaning. Dislike any unreasonable things and do not like to dress up, in addition she will play cards with the other girl after reading too much, also often ordered Aunt Li to find someone to do something strange things. She doesn’t look like particularly close to any girls, but the girls are very close to her.”

“Playing cards?” Zhao Jian Shen heard a new strange words.

Zhang Ma let out a ‘ah’ cry, with some embarrassment take out a stack of paper from the pocket in her sleeves: “This is the cards that Yun Ge often plays with the others girl. This old servant also sometimes stays with them for some fun.”

Zhao Jian Shen looked at the drawing on his hand, flipped it up and down to see the meaning of it, couldn’t see clearly from which small kingdom she came from, but Zhang Ma was the oldest servant of this Prince Mansion, also had seen a lot of things in this world.

Who brought her in?”

Zhang Ma quickly replied: “A wealthy merchant from Ning Kingdom, Su Bai Wan* sent her here seven months ago.”

(*This name can also mean Millionaire Su, which one should i use?”


T/N: Ehm! Ehm! The male MC have begun his interest in Yun Ge. (˃◡˂)

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