Man Chao Huan – Chapter 10

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Honestly i have no plan for any release today, but since this moody humble self feel happy, i post it today.

Btw, thanks for all the comments and encouragement, i will continue this series, although slowly.  To you all who have waited WYGP eagerly, i can only said, it’ll be less, maybe around one or two chap’s each month as one chapter contained almost three times as MCH and a bit harder than MCH.

About donation and sponsorship, i can’t say anything about that for now, since i am a total newbie in this field. As for any sponsor chapter, i don’t mind, it helps a lot in fact, because i am also the editor along with proofreader, though there might be an error here and there. Hehehehe….


Chapter 10

To meet with some high figure was really troublesome.

Zhao Jian Shen ordered Zhang Ma to call someone, waiting for a time the tea to brew, but still didn’t anyone come. His finger flipped the page of the book before him up and down as his lips curled up into a shallow smile.

On his his side, the one that served him, Zhao An Ren, couldn’t but shivered. Wangye is an impatient person! This Yun Ge, to actually made Wangye wait for her, she was really in a very bad luck.

At this time, outside the study room, an old teacher* came in, but didn’t greet Zhao Jian Shen, let out a loud cry: “What a big guts does this person have, to actually make Wangye waiting for so long.”

(*老儒生 : lit. means old scholar. Since he is old and i read his description further, he is better an old teacher.)

Zhao Jian Shen let out a laugh as well, but he didn’t give any respond.

Zhao An turned towards the old teacher, bowed in courtesy: “Yue Zhang*, Wangye just now have summoned the person who saved Wangfei yesterday night, Yun Ge.”

(* 岳丈: Yue Zhang. While 丈 – Zhang is his family name, this one confuse me. Based on our uncle google, it means in law. To say Zhang-in-law, i don’t see the connection between this old man and ZJS’s family.)

It turns out to be a beauty ah… No wonder Wangye doesn’t mind waiting for so long.” The old teacher named Zhang Qiao Yu*, was an instructor of an institution, who none other than Zhang Ma’s father. At the same time, he was also the Minister of First Rank and a Imperial Teacher, but always acted like an old urchin*, never cared about any etiquette, in fact had a rich wisdom. He also had many accomplishment in Medical field and Astronomy. He was very popular that almost everyone in the Wangye Fu** respected him.

(*This is the old’s man real name.)

(** Wangye Fu is the prince mansion. Starting this chapter i will leave it as fu or wangfu, to let the feeling of historical chinese more thick)

By then, Yun Ge came together with Zhang Ma.

According to the etiquette in her memories, Yun Ge bowed down as she greeted Wangye and conveyed the thousands of blessing, but also didn’t sure what she did was according to the standard or not. The first meetin with the master*, she hoped he didn’t mind it too much.

(*老板 : lit. mean boss. Usually used to call the shopkeeper or the one that manage the restaurant, or the mafia boss in modern era. But in this case, i use term ‘master’, to suit their situation and circumstances. I imagined that ZJS is like a mafia boss and laughed, doesn’t suit him at all. (* ˚᷄ ˚᷅ *))

“You are Yun Ge? Raise your head.”

Yun Ge respectfully raised his head and said: “Yes!” But in her heart, she said: “Rubbish.”

Zhao Jian Shen observed the woman before him carefully. She was indeed beautiful. Among the women he had seen in his whole life, she also had superior appearance, with a pair of almond eyes with gaze that clear as water. Looked at her eyes once again, it felt as if it was a wave of vast mist*

(*仿佛烟波浩渺, i really had no better idea how to put it. If anyone does, please kindly tell me, i am really inept at such flowery description XD)

By looking at her eyes, her appearance was no longer important.

Only her dress was too plain – He didn’t know that what he saw was the style afte she changed, and her original style before change was more ‘miserable’, too horrible to look at.

Zhao Jian Shen humphed coldly in his heart. She used too much time to change dress, was she really didn’t used to dress up, or she intended to used this kind of unique look to attract their attention?

Look at Zhao Jian Shen again, Yun Ge silently praised the man before her in her heart. He is really handsome ah… very handsome and masculine, but didn’t appear to be overbearing. His lips curled up a bit, smiled gently and appeared to be friendly. The whole figure appeared as if he was a son of an earthly god, very distinguished and amiable. But from the way he killed the bandits yesterday night, approximately he was the most bad person to deal with, because he was like a smiling tiger*.

(*笑面虎: yes, it is smilling tiger. But the mean here is like you appear to be harmless on the outside but actually dangerous. Kinda like young tiger, i like it and want to pet it, but need to be careful XD)

“Yesterday, you are the one that knocked down the spy to save Wangfei?” From any question he could asked, Zhen Jian Shen asked the most obvious one.

Yun Ge searched her mind to find the right answer for this kind of question, so she answered it not too much but also not to light: “To be entrusted with Wangfei’s well being, Yun Ge doesn’t dare to claim any credit.”

Good that you don’t have the guts to claim the credit! You know that Li Kai is a spy, why don’t you report it? What is your purpose?” Zhao Jian Shen said it in flat tone, however his smiled didn’t cease even a slight, but he spit out a word that as sharp as the unseathed sword and let out a murderous intent to press her.


T/N : I hate ZJS a bit in the end. i really want to chew him alive. what a typical arrogant male MC. Poor YG! Without her, you’ll lost your mother, you stupid ZJS!!

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  1. manna says:

    yes, an update!
    ptuih, attract their attention… if she could, she would use plainer dress because it’s such a bother lol. love this mc XD
    please, prince… there’s no time… and beside.. reported general Li and got stabbed as scapegoat? yeah right..
    thanks for this chapter (/ owo)/


    • aneztata says:

      hahaha!! I don’t know what kind of reaction ZJS has when he know the way she look like before change. since woman in ancient time need longer time to change, and their entourage consist of beauties, so he expects to see some breathtaking beauty. oblivious to the fact that out female MC is time traveler, who’d care about what style before whatever prince.. XD this MC is one reason i pick this story…


  2. bobolander says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Dear translator, first let me tell you that I don’t know any chinese, but from reading other novels with emperors, princes and their wives, I got the impression that a wang fei is the main wife of the wang ye, in this example. – Prince Zhao Jian Shen.

    Um. Here is a link with the terms from another translator, if you need help with the lots of different callings.

    Trying to be helpful and have no meaning to offend.


    • aneztata says:

      No, it helps me, since i officially began at the half end of chapter 8 and forwards. i have trouble from ch 1 – ch 8. tx for the links… ZJS’s mother is a wangfei, in that case she is the wife of a prince. So far i haven’t found any information about ZJS’s father.

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      • bobolander says:

        Really? It is my first time meeting in a novel a second generation Prince at the age of the MC. o.o
        The feeling is strange xD


      • aneztata says:

        Hahaha, stay tune and we’ll see what kind of relationship they have, maybe there’ll be more explanation for that.
        Also, i just created a glossary for better understanding and less destruction to the story.


      • Zo says:

        I really, really enjoy reading theses novels, have become addicted to them. If you need any help in formatting grammar and sentence construction, I would like to offer my assistance. The stories are interesting but its effectiveness is lost due to ineffective/poor language.
        Appreciate your effort in translating the novel, despite your busy schedule. Keep the good work going. Ciao.


  3. anna says:

    as always thank you for the amazing chapter :3
    waiting anxiously for the next update!! i really don’t understand why this gem isn’t picked up sooner >.<


  4. myrrn says:

    I’m glad you decided to pick this up – this looks like a fun novel. The MC is entertaining.

    Translation-wise, one of the ways I tell a good translation is how often I am “stopped” in the middle of reading, either because I don’t understand something or because of some awkward phrasing. There is very little of that here so… good job!


    • aneztata says:

      Hahaha, i am trying to reduce the awkwardness from weird phrasing. I also suffered from similar case like you and i sometimes yelled: ‘What the heck is this? I don’t understand anything.’ (⁄ ⁄^⁄ᗨ⁄^⁄ ⁄)


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