Man Chao Huan – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 (Translated by JJSS08)

The Wangfei recovered, ordering, “Tie him up!” And looked deeply at Yun Ge as she returned to the prime spot as the mistress of the yard.

There was no time to say anything, when outside the guards cried out with happiness, “Wangye! Wangye has brought reinforcements. Brothers, we must hold out!”

When the people in the hall heard this, their heart loosened and overjoyed.

Yun Ge quietly let out a sigh. Fortunately they had come, seemed like her luck wasn’t bad. Whatever it was, she didn’t hit the wrong person.

On the outside, the bandits saw how the situations reversed to the worse, turned anxious. Just that, the person who laughed loudly, suddenly shouted: “Li Kai! I have brought a revenge for your brothers. What are you still doing inside?”

The guards were shocked. Li Kai was that soldier imperial guards! Then the Wangfei… Just as they were in shock and suspicion, the gates of the courtyard swung open, and a tied up LI Kai was dragged out and thrown out in front of the door like a dog.

The guards, seeing this, were more resolute than ever to fight. The bandits, saw that they were now in hopeless situation, they wanted to escape.

The head of the bandits had just charged to the front of the gate when he saw a flash of white light before his eyes; a cold wind flashing past him. He dashed to the left – but it was too late. His right shoulder hurt immensely and an arm was sliced off, fresh blood spilling violently. The head of the bandits gave a cry and fainted on the spot.

In front of the, an elegant gentleman in purple robe, stood in the breeze. If it were not for the blood stained longsword in his hand, no one would have been able to tell that the gentle young man, with a smile on the edges of his lips, was the man who could inflict such a brutal wound.

The bandits, seeing their boss defeated with just a single blow, who’d still have the thought to continue the battle. Within the time that took one brew tea, they were surrounded by the reinforcements Wangye brought.

The purple-clad gentleman threw the sword from his hand to the nearby guard and walked to the front of the hall, in respective tone said: “Mufei, please forgive your son for arriving so late!”

The door of the HuaTing hall cracked open.In the hazy moonlight, the purple-clad figure was deeply ingrained in everyone’s eyes and hearts. A few girls, having been terrified out of their wits, now saw this handsome hero appeared before them, though that this was their master, Ji Kingdom Zhao Wangye, Zhao Jian Shen. In that moment they felt a sudden waves in their heart, both scared and happy.

Yun Ge’s conscience fiercely spoke up, and she could not resist muttering, “Scourge.” (The cause of all these problems / disaster / calamity).

Zhao Jian Shen frowned as he glanced over the table where the wine cups lied, didn’t bother the greeting from the women in the hall, walked hastily towards the Wangfei and kneeled, the trembling of his hand on the Wangfei was almost imperceptible. Just a moment later, he would have been separated from his mother forever.

Regardless of how strong a person was, they would be unable to bear such a thing!

The Wangfei reached out her hands to caressed her son’s hair, smiled tenderly and kindly as she said, “Mother is fine, mother is fine, I’m just glad you’re here. As long as my son is here, no one can hurt me.”

Zhang Ma, seeing the filial piety of the son towards his mother, could not help but reach out her hand to wipe the tears on the edge of her eyes. Thought back at the previous chaos in the manor, immediately straightened herself, searched for the guard in charge, ordered him to take back the shocked girls in the hall back to their room for rest.

Yun Ge, who was in high tension for a long time, upon hearing that she could now rest, followed the soldiers happily, oblivious to the two eyes that staring at her meaningfully from behind.


T/N: took me long enough to edit this chapter  y-(~~)

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    Many thanks to you for picking this novel up. You are the best. Showing big support for you!!! Are you taking donations or sponsorship at all? Keep up the great work


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