Man Chao Huan – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 (Translated by JJSS08)

Wu Wangfei walked back and forth on the courtyard a few times, then seemed to make a difference, calling forth an extraneous man and gave a few orders.

This man gave a pitched cry, “This old slave understands!”

Yun Ge felt a thrill of excitement, this man must be one of the eunuchs of legend, no wonder she had always found him a little strange!

This eunuch quickly left the courtyard, and after a while acquired a  tray with twenty little wine cups, the gusts of the light fragrance of wine was mixed with the smell of something like raw meat.

Yun Ge was wondering what this was, when she saw the girl next to her undergo a great change, an appalled, terrified expression expression on her face, her eyes staring fiexedly at the wine cups, as it there would be a poisonous snake coming out of the cup to bite her.

The eunuch put the tray in the courtyard on the Eight Immortals table, bowed to the Wangfei, and then left with the other eunuch to guard the place.

The Wangfei, seeing the sky grow gradually darker, but continued to hear the murderous cries outside, without a single soldier coming in to report good or bad news. The iron in her eyes increased, and she turned to walk next to the table, coldly saying, “Today, the evil bandits are powerful. Perhaps in a short moments they will break in. In order to protect the reputation of the wangye and your chastity, if there really is such a moment, you will all drink this farewell wine. If there is a coward who trips over etiquette, then…well, just hope that in the next life, you will be born into a good family, with a wealthy husband and noble son.”

Some of the girls fainted, Yun Ge’s heart bursted out with chills. What a ruthless heart, to actually demand us accompany her to death!

From the outside she heard the head of the guard shouted: “Brothers, surround the front courtyard, and fight to the death!”

Then there was a burst of a wild laughter being heard: “Ha ha ha, I have long heard that there are many beautiful woman hidden behind the walls of the Zhao Wangfu, have them come out and let me meet them. If Wangye doesn’t have the strength to water the flowers, well, I have plenty. To ensure these little beauties here one by one for an immortal death*, Shi Shui** knows the taste.

(* 欲仙欲死: for the immortal to death, translater by our uncle google. I was confused by this part. means desire or longing, basically, it meant long for the immortality and also desire a death. Is it make sense if i make it for an immortal death? Because it was a normal occurence in wuxia, xianxia, and xuanhuan’s genre novel)

(** 食髓: Food Marrow, again said uncle google. But to put it in the speaking section, it is quite ridiculous for a food know a taste, right? I guess this is a name for the bandit. Any suggestions are very much welcome!)

After another wretched cry, there was the loud cry – “You dogs guarding the gates, go wait by the Yellow Springs (a place in hell), after I have had my fun, I promise to send these beauties to accompany you!” His voice was harsh and ugly.

After a burst of wretched laughter, there was a loud shouting: “You several watchdogs, go and wait by the Yellow Spring (Hades or underworld or anything that connected to hell), wait until i have played enough, these beauties will surely be send to accompany you down there.” The voice was hoarse and nasty.

Hearing this Yun Ge could not help but make a fist; her one thread of hope had been extinguished. Even if the Wangfei did not force them all to suicide, these bandits stll had no intention of letting them stay alive.

The man who spoke, had no idea that because of his words, forced Yun Ge to make a completely different choice, but also let their plan that almost succeded, failed.

The Wangfei’s face turned green and black due to the anger as she walked towards the window, to observe the situation on the outside.

Just at this moment, the Guard Li, that had been lying in the corner of the wall, suddenly leapt up and charged toward the imperial consort while holding a dagger in his hand. Everyone in the hall screamed, but unable to save her in time.

But just when everyone was sure the Wangfei was done for, there was a massive clanging sound, and the Guard Li fell to the ground. The wreckage around him seemed to be a high stool.

And the one who had thrown the stool at this moment was Yun Ge!

The two eunuchs ran up front, one protecting the Wangfei, another checking Guard Li’s nose for breath, slowly saying, “Still alive.”


T/N : honestly, i have headache only by editing this chapter. The previous translator left out a small part of the conversation, which the one that gave me headache.  And i guess, it was not that noticeable, but i made a wonderful error when added a releases information on NU. ∗˚(* ˃̤˂̤ *)˚∗

Also, the chapters JJSS08 had translated were around chapter 8. As for the three paragraphs of chapter 8 and the new translation on chapter 9, i hope i can do it next week, hope that it is a bit light to understand and i have no extra troubles here and there. As for WYGP, we’ll see after i clean up the edited chapter. ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢᓫ∗)

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