What’s Your Gender, Princess? – Chapter 12 Part 2

Back again with the rest of the chapter 12. I don’t think the end of the chapter has any cliff, especially the high cliff, but if you are not heartless (- especially like me), this chapter should be sad, because…. you know how much Sheng An loves his Brother Qing.

Since i try to translate this, i make several change in this half part,

Prince Wumin : Wu Min Jun

Shengan : Sheng An (though i don’t see her next chapter, but whatever)

If you find any error or any funny or ridiculous using of words, kindly tell me that for better reading.

So, without further bla bla bla nonsense from me, here’s the rest!


Prince Wumin nodded his head, and also looked at Princess Shengan: “You-er jiejie, the time i have meet with the emperor is about ten days, how can there is love between us? Although i am always stayed beside the emperor’s side, i often feel that Your Majesty is very sad. I know that in the emperor’s heart has another person, i also know who that person is…”

Prince Wumin stopped his words, looked at Shengan without any deep meaning. Shengan was unable to believe as she looked at me, bited her lips, and bowed to me before leave.

I am tired… In the end, what was Princes Wumin wanted to do? Let me acted on the spot only to vomit? Or to crushed my chest with a big stone?

But for the sake of the people of the two kingdom and the commoner and the country itself, we need to be together. Anything before the kingdom, what is the private affair? I know that the emperor has sacrifice a lot, i am also the same…” Prince Wumin took a very deep breath, to not let the tears fell, he continued: “Moreover, for the matter to reach to this point, i know that you two have a long friendship each other, but You er jiejie, have you ever thought, now that you has told the emperor all of your clan’s plan, the emperor will inevitable doing a countermeasure. Your clan will certainly know that you are the one that spill it out to the emperor. At that time, you as the traitor to the family, i am afraid…. they will not be soft hearted on you. After all, they are the one that let you come into the forefront, also know, that if you are not there in the emperor’s heart, you will die!”

Prince Wumin didn’t only skillfully analyzed the situation, but also provoked the relationship between Princess Shengan and her clan, it was very shameless. Wu Min Jun leisurely looked at me and i immediately knew his meaning: “Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter. I will not take any prevention.”

How can you do that!” Princess Sheng An screamed. “Brother Qing, you must prevent it! I… I do not matter, I have no intention to go with them. My father was dead. Actually, there is a property that does not confiscated, i know where it is, but they do not know, only they keep asking me, also lie to me, make me go assassinate you. I can go back later, immediately bring back that property, going alone to the Nan Wen Country. I have been a princess for so long, i thought i knew everything, in the end i knew nothing. I.. I have lived a reclusive life that i’ve forgot.”

Under constant hints from Wu Min Jun, i squatted down and hesitantly replied to Sheng An: “You-er, that’s being said, you have been wronged.”

I haven’t been wronged!” Princess Sheng An raised her voice as her eyes looked at me tenderly. “Your Majesty, You-er is willing!”

She finished her words as she sighed: “Unfortunately, now i could never be together with Your Majesty.”

In fact, what she said was more or less contained a hidden meaning. If i really liked her, how could i not think a solution? But i pretended to be confused, but calmly said: “If we are destined in the afterlife…”

Wu Min Jun clasped his hand and laughed: “Do not say afterlife. In the near future, you may also have the opportunity.”

Sheng An looked at me, nodded her head, said: “I hope…”

Her eyes was so melancholy and full of sadness, also concealed the expectations towards the unknown future. I couldn’t bear to see that eyes, only gave her a smile, then didn’t look at her anymore.

Wu Min Jung interrupted: “How about this, You-er jie-jie? You go to the nearby study room, write something to give it to the emperor. Hm, then let the emperor keep it safe.”

I didn’t know what kind of intention Wu Min Jun had, i could only said: “Do not force You-er.”

Sheng An heard what i had just said, she smiled: “No, i also intent to do this.”

Later, Princess Sheng An wrote three characters: Yuan Jun An.

(In the original it was 愿君安. i am not sure how to translate this three characters, so i leave it be. if someone has an idea or suggestion about this, please tell me)

At the end, she also put down her signature, Feng You.

Not long after that, Sheng An left the palace. She sat in a simple carriage out of the palace. During that process, she had been staring at me through the curtain. I really didn’t know what to do.

Sheng An was gone. The rain was getting lighter, refused to let go°, but no one with the same flower on their ears had a nice look like Sheng An had.

拒霜夺目的开放 – i really don’t have any idea about this sentence mean. I tried to figure out several mean, but feel weird and confused. Since i have no editor and proofreader, please excuse my incompetence)

Everything stayed the same, apart from the umbrella that fell on the ground and the fallen into the mud flower bud.

6 thoughts on “What’s Your Gender, Princess? – Chapter 12 Part 2

  1. Jovi says:

    Elow!!!! 😊How many days you plan as interval on posting so I can check your site exactly on date? Hoping it will nit tke long before you post again.


    • aneztata says:

      For WGYP, unfortunately i still cannot decide the good timing to translate. MCH is once a week, as for which day, it can be tuesday or thursday. It’d be nice if i have my own team, not only one person team, hahaha!


  2. daffodil says:

    ‘yuan jun an’ may mean ‘wish the emperor safety/peace”. jun is used to address the emperor or the king in the past


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