Man Chao Huan – Chapter 1

As some of people  have read in CFensi, this chapter was translated by JJSS08 in CFensi-blog. I found this novel on novel updates and was somehow dropped since around three years ago.  The reason i tried to take this one because the summary is quite intriguing. Haha, tbh, i like a story about ‘Ikemen’. -> all the handsome men fighting for one female, hohoho!!

Ehm! Please excuse me!

So, i search this story in CFensi and edit it a little to avoid any problem later during my translation. For now, i will repost the same content and translation like JJSS08 had translated.  Also since i used different version of novel, it might vary. It is indeed 4 Volume, but contained around 130 chapters in total.


Chapter 1: The First Meeting

    Before dawn is the darkest, coldest time of the day. Suddenly, on the little mountain path, there were the sounds of disorderly footsteps. A closed listener would have found that at the minimum, there were over a hundred people in the night.

  One by one, under the dim moonlight, the figures of doughty night travelers revealed themselves. Wordlessly, they moved towards a large manor at the foot of Huatai Mountain. Their eyes glinted with a cold, bloodthirsty light, and the chill flashes of the points of longswords gleamed amidst the crowd — after just a few more hours, it would time for those swords to drink fresh blood…

  The light fog of early morning had just dissipated when, at the base of the Huatai Mountain, a ruckus broke out at the palace of Zhao Wangfu (the mansion of a prince), for Wangye’s Mother Consort, Wu Wangfei, had arrived at the residence the night before. Because of her arrival, the people of the village were roused with a nervous sort of energy, hoping to impress her with their performance and behavior; the secluded beauties in the Nanyuan more so than the others, all eager to have their shot at pleasing the imperial consort.

     It was well known that Zhao Wangye, Zhao Jian Shen was the first class of the talented young man in the Ji Kingdom. Not only he had a noble status and elegant demeanor, his appearance was also outstanding and was recognized as the most excellent handsome man. Huatai Mountain was around five hundred li away from the capital, and so usually the family of Zhao Wangye never set foot inside his courtyard. So this visit from Wu Wangfei, on her way to visit her own ancestral home, was rare and most people were eager to make the best of this opportunity impress the woman of standing and power.

     The servants inside the village put their eagerness to good use, carefully performing the tasks assigned to them, all the while listening for the sound of footsteps that showed arrival of Wu Wangfei, wholly throwing themselves into the preparations.

  The ten or so girls who lived in the Nanyuan; their hearts beat wildly. They were al dancers and singers that wealthy merchants and high ranking officials had given to Zhao Wangye, but had been “unused” for the greater half of a year, and had never even seen the face of the prince. With this rare occasion of Wu Wangfei’s passing, they hoped to impress her – even if they didn’t have a chance to become closer to Wangye, they would at least have the chance to be given to one of the soldiers as a wife or concubine. That, at least, was preferable to dying alone in the Cold Palace, wasting away their youth.

     But, for Yun Ge, there was nothing that could deter her from her determination to go to sleep!

     So while everyone else was frantically moving about, this Yun Ge girl continued to sleep within her courtyard – it wasn’t like Wu Wangfei was a handsome man! And even if she were, she couldn’t possibly be more handsome than Zhou Yu [of the Three Kingdom’s era] – so what was there to see?!

     In name, Yun Ge was a petty singer of Zhao Wangfu, but she was very content as an a girl of obsessive interests; namely, sleeping and eating. So what if she could garner the interest of the Wangye? What was so great about adding three ranks and then engaging in the beastly battles of the other women, fighting for his love, how tiring that would be!

  According to Yun Ge’s philosophy, it was important to stay far away from the pesky matters of other humans. And among the pesky matters of other humans, the most common were those of the powerful and esteemed. Ah, but the feeling of sleeping peacefully, that was better than being a grain of rice found in every corner… This was a happy life…

  But at this moment, it didn’t matter if she had exuberant ambition or not. Neither the lazy Yun Ge or the other bickering singers had any idea that they would soon face a question fo life or death…


As for the rest translated chapters, i will try to post it soon.

For the more info about what is wangfei, wangye etc, visit this for good explanation.

4 thoughts on “Man Chao Huan – Chapter 1

    • aneztata says:

      I cannot say for sure that this story has a happy ending, but from my guess, it should be, unless the author has a same intention like the one of Chaos of Beauty.
      As for the schedules, hmmm… i can’t say for sure about how many releases in a week or in a month, as i do all the works from translation, editing, to proofread. Since chinese is a pretty much foreign language and they have the most confusing words to be translated, it slows me down.
      BUT!!! I will not abandoned them.
      At least i will try to post one for every week, unless i get a team for this…


      • Adnana says:

        I am grateful to you for translating this novel, and I’d like to help out as an editor/proofreader. I’m not Chinese literate, but I could fix typos, grammar, awkward word choices etc. in the translated text. If you’re interested, click on my username and shoot me an email though the contact form on my wordpress.


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