What’s Your Gender, Princess? – Chapter 12 Part 1


This novel was supposed to be translated by Alyschu & co. but somehow dropped and left like that in their list. Hiks! Hiks! And i had sent them a message and yep! yep! All’s set!!

Since I am somehow intrigued by this novel and i have decided to translate it. BUUUUT!!! Firstly and mostly, i am quite the very new newbie in the world of Chinese Translation, please excuse my poor words and translation, and of course somehow very-very slow due to the fact that Chinese is not my mother language.

PS: Any correction, advice, grammar error or anything regarding to the story is welcome. I am trying to share you this wonderful story in its best form.

Also, i cut it two-part since i am trying to figure out the best description of the story, please forgive me. I will surely post it soon, don’t worry.



When i did that, Princess Shengan slightly shrinked a bit, but stood still on the spot, let me took that flower bud that still on the side of her ear.

She looked at the cloth that spreaded out on the stone table, also looked at the flower bud on the ground, didn’t understand as she looked at me: “Your Majesty, this….”

Although it is still mourning period, you also do not need to wear a flower bud, you are quite similar with it, you are still so young, while you also have limitless possibility. The matters about your father, i felt guilty and ashamed, but that was also indeed the last resort by the time he threatened my life. I could only acted that way…. you are my consideration, but i also cannot guarantee… the live between civilian, i hope you treasure yourself more, do not put your life in trouble.”

I ended my words as i looked meaningfully at the cloth on the table, i sighed and said: “You go.”

Shengan stood still on her spot, looked at me blankly, suddenly loosened her hand that caused the umbrella fell on the ground, splashed the water, she rushed up along with the blossomed flower on her ear, she leaned completely on my arms. She buried her head on my nape, there were tears dropped on me, although the weather was cold it seemed hot to me, also because her voice seemed desperate.

Brother Qing, brother Qing….” She shout out, crying so hard. “Brother Qing, why are you so kind to me, you clearly know that i will come to kill you!”

Uh…” Miss, it is not that i want to be good to you, but Prince Wumin wants me to pretend to act like that.

My hands stiffed that finally i could only placed it on the back of Princess Shengan as i gently patted her and did not know what other words i should say – Princess Wumin only taught me to end it with the phrase “You go” and didn’t know what is the next development, in fact it was not within my control, only she cried so heartbroken for how many long, the rain that poured slowly getting bigger like a soybean that hit my face. From the beginning i was feeling sympathy for the princess, but now it turned helpless. My heart was also vaguely started to hate Prince Wumin.

How could he did not remind me, that there were a shelter around the corridor to stay from the wind and rain.

In the end, after Princess Shengan poured out too much, she slowly withdrew his body and opened her mouth, dumbly said: “Your Majesty, please forgive me, this lowly concubine had just offended you.”

I stiffly said: “It’s nothing…”

Who’d expected that Shengan suddenly knelt down. My line of sight went down at her figure as i saw a glimpse of her pair of white embroidered shoes have been dyed gray, her skirt was also got dirtied with mud and wet from the rain.

I was confused: “You, this…”

Answering to the emperor, this lowly concubine plead guilty to you!” She said it loudly, “This lowly concubine was actually wanted to assassinate the emperor, really deserved the million dead!”

I said: “Uh, it’s nothing, you get up…”

Shengan shook her head, said: “This is not only the case, in fact, our clan also want to assassinate the emperor tonight…. this time we sent you the poisonous needle that actually did not able to assassinate the emperor because it was too obvious. We intended to let the emperor to think that will do it only this one time, let the emperor relax in the evening and when that time is come, it was the time for another assassination…”

I was surprised, Shengan really shocked me, although no one taught me this, i knew what i should say, i said after clearing my throat: “I do not blame you. Get up.”

The sound of the dripping water was gentle.

Shengan still cried: “I cannot rise, Your Majesty, actually i really have suspected that you are the one that killed father. I am really an idiot. The imperial edict clearly stated that you are the emperor. What is the problem with father? You are not supposed to kill him like that, but you are the emperor ah… I am really an idiot. Why would i able to believe those people? To actually want to kill you..”

I went silent for a moment. Just when i was going to speak, suddenly there were a voice behind me, with a slight sad tone, said: “Jiejie, you are indeed silly.”


If i was not mistaken, wasn’t that voice mine? But also Prince Wumin…. What he called Shengan? Jiejie….?!

I turned my head silently looked back only to see Prince Wumin, he-or now she, looked at Shengan with sad eyes and full of emotion, even the eyes had a slight trace of tears. Seeing him appeared so sudden, Shengan was surprised, wanted to say something when Prince Wumin, who slowly came to her side, squatted next to her to help her picked the umbrella, said: “You er jiejie, i am Princess Zhang Yi, you surely know who i am.”

Shengan’s face was colder and turned into her original arrogant expression: “Humph! What? Do you want to laugh at me?”

Prince Wumin shook his head: “No, no, not like that…”

Why was when Prince Wumin said something like that, i really wanted to vomit?

Prince Wumin then slowly looked at me, said: “Chenqie greet the emperor.”

“Uh, uh …”

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  1. anugp61 says:

    You amazing person! Thank you for picking this up 🙂 *hugs*. Don’t worry too much about being a newbie and all..we are here to support you!


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