Fairy Kei Fuzzy Clip Hair Accessories Star

Are you a fan of Lolita? Are you in love with cute things (like me, for example :p )? Then you are right to come here.

This time i made Star-Shape of Fairy Kei Lolita. It’s quite popular among Lolitas with vary of shape, size and color, even it’s material. Yes, Yes, it looks so fluffy in their head.

What about mine? Of course it’s also soft and fluffy. But if you want it to be fluffy like cloud, hahaha, unfortunately it isn’t.

Three different color and different attachment.

Either you want it to be a hair clip only or with brooch, i can help you with that, just request and tell me. The size is around 9cm x 9cm. Quite big or small?

I also have another shape, only it isn’t ready to appear in the light, please be patient (and keep looking forward to it. Hehehe!)

Curious? Want one? Visit my shop !

Pssst!! Do not forget, shopping above 10€ will get one little freebie as surprise.


Little NOTE : These little fluffies are NOT waterproof so please be careful around water and under the rain attack (!!!). To avoid damage, please do not wear it into your dreamland and store it in free-dust area to avoid color-changing.

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