Schmetterling auf die Blume (July 2016) – Lovely Green Butterfly On Flower Ribbon Bow


Looking something girly, with lace hair accessories? Or something for cosplay? Or accessories for the birthday girl?

Here comes my first but not the first creation in July. Yes, July 2016 and happened to be the first handmad item that i want to sell.

Adding with green butterfly, feels like it flies to find its fated flower, with five strings or little pearls and five love-pearls, shows that the butterfly fall in love with the flower.

Sound chessy?

Hahaha… I am not poetic, please overlook that tiny fact. (Hahahaha!)



Anyway, it was made with satin ribbon, ca. 12cm width white lace with motvie, flower printed ribbon pearls and the green butterfly.

In the moment, this ribbon is unattached as i leave it to your own choice.

Want it as a big-size brooch for your bag or as hair accessories? As keychain? Simple! Check my online store and leave me a message of your choice and i will gladly make it to you, and you will receive perfectly and same as the picture, with no less.

Check here to see the ribbon.

Love Freebies? Want Freebies?

For any shopping above 10€, i will send one little freebies inside the package. Which or what freebies? Shall i leak the secret?

Any questions and comments are all welcome!!


NOTES : This ribbon is made with love and not waterproof, also please don’t use it while sleeping and store it in a dust-free area to avoid color-changing.

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