EU742 – Little Online Shop Opening

It’s been a long time i touch the blog, yes, yes! A little busy from the college and such, sadly forgot about this lonely blog. Hahahahahaha!!
Beside school and its problems ( like test here and there, urgh!, homework and its colony), i have another hobbies that dominated my attention fully.

I am a typical moody person, of course! (You can see by how i take care of this blog in the past.)
I post what i want and when i am free, i am sure any bloggers agree with me, though they are far better than me. (Hohohoho!!)

Actually, since last winter, my mind kept telling me, why don’t i open my own online store? Why don’t i sell something to earn a little extra pocket-money? Why don’t… Why don’t… Such an unending question!
My friends suggest me to open one in Etsy. Yes, i know Etsy before they told me, but at that time, i still have no mood to sell. Then i tried to find any information about online shop, such as Etsy, Dawanda, Bonanza, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
Yes, Yes, i know, nowadays there are much more online shop than what i wrote before, but i choose the most popular one and with either free-listing or low-cost fee. Sounds good? Obviously! Easy? They said yes!

If you are an original residence of one country and unbound from any rules of Visa, yes, it’s quite easy!
As for me? Unfortunately, not!
I am merely a student which live oversea alone with lot of restrictions here and there. Rules are made to make your life in order, but in my case, it’s slowly kill my freedom and hobbies. T_T
From the list i wrote, i tried to list my items on Dawanda and Bonanza, but sadly, i am just one person with is limited in every aspect, fight against countless item from countless seller, pro or newbie.




I begin my first step into business online, YEAH!!
I humbly announce that i open my own little store. Please visit it in the future, hopefully you find what you like.

Beside Sell the items, which are purely handmade personally by me, either it’s my own idea, or suggest from someone or inklings from my surroundings, i also accept any suggestion, request (as long as i can and within my capability) or any improvisations to my benefits. (Ups! Hihihi)
I provide the links in the footer section, but you can also directly click eBay or

I am looking (very,very,very eagerly) forwards upon your visit!

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