Regrowth Scallion – New Version

Last time, which few years ago, i tried to regrowth the scallions – spring onion – or whatever it’s name in your own language and country, ended up as failed experiment, so i stopped as i got busier with other things.

Now, the mood come again and i tried in new way. First i did a simple search and information about this onion. All article i read was about cut the bellow part ca. 1 inch and put the part in the water, waited for days and voila it regrow. Is it so easy as that? I don’t think so, because i found few other article about this, which was said they put the after 1 week regrow onions into soil. See the point? Think a bit about that. What kind of component we could find in water as in soil? Is it possible for the onions regrow again and again for a long time just with water? No explanation i could found after one week test. They just said i could regrow it 2-3 times, i could save money, and that’s all. If you could save money for the whole year from buying this onions, why not? At least, i love that idea.

In my previous try, the article said put the onions in some glass, unused bowl, add some decoration stone and water. Add more water after one or two days, and so on. That is really easy, right? Sounds easy, yes, in fact, NOT!

Let my explain a bit. Theory with some stone make it worse. WHY? The root and onions will have slime and the root itself will rot and you will smell it like a rotten egg. It is annoying. Just by adding water every day also make it worse, so do not do that!

And for this new version, i found the only article said, ‘you should change the water everyday’. I tried and so far, they look good as new and have very nice healthy colour.


File 26.01.16, 10 31 59 File 26.01.16, 10 31 26 File 26.01.16, 10 30 58

Those three pictures above are the result on the first day, ca. 6-8 hours after i cut the bottom part and put it in water only.


File 26.01.16, 10 32 31

And that is my onions after eight days.

How i did that? I change the water once every day, and on the seven day i clean the bottom part and root with running cold water while rubbing it gently from a future-to-be-slime.

Is it end like that? Of course not. I want to see how long this simple task will continue. Regrow with only water…

That’s all for the first week part. For the next week part, we’ll see it later. Hopefully i don’t do something weird to them, end up killing them.

If there are someone out there had tried a miraculous method for a long-long-long term regrow, please kindly share the tips to me, as i love something new to experiment.


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