Kreativ Tage Berlin 2015

Kreativ Tage Berlin 2015  was a three day event, which was held in a large hall, full of seller from different kind of shop from various country and city, and obviously more reasonable price compare to the store, despite small or big store.

This wasn’t the first time, but it was for me. I searched this kind for a long time and finally found it one week right before it began. It was like, “Oh my, is it for real? i am not dreaming? Hell yeah, i’ll absolutely go!”

And yeah i went there and WHOAAA!! Full of middle aged and older woman. I felt like, where was the younger one? Either the older or the very younger, kids or smaller. But whatever, since i have passion in this field, i didn’t care about others.

I walked around from one stand to another, smiled here and there, felt like i was crazy, of course crazily happy. I held my breath as my eyes saw the blink-blink from the jewelry. Cool!!




If i should give a star, then it would be 4 stars. WHY?

The event was fine, the shop were also fine. It had a lot of thing which normally we couldn’t even think to make it ourselves.

The things i didn’t like was because there had no good air circulation and it was hot with full or people. Outside was maybe cold for some people, but hello, we are in a closed room and full of people.

Some Stand had some item which i need but never saw anywhere in Germany, so i bought two set of that, at least it should be enough until next year hunt. The rest of the shop, although cheaper than any store, with discounts here and there, it was still expensive, especially for a student like me.  T_T

But no worries, there was one stand, which had a big factory in Bielefedt, Germany, but sadly has no store anywhere. I like this one very much. They have online shop, which is way way cheaper than any price in store and another online shop, outside ebay, and there was even cheaper price. It was no wonder that almost all visitors brought a lot from them, went home with few big plastic bag in their hand. As for one or two other stand, they had normal price which was acceptable enough than nothing.


Next years i’ll absolutely come again, save money from now and go hunting to my heart content!!!




Here are some picture from the events in the first day.

1. Paper Craft

Decor DIY from Paper

Make your own star, triangle- , diamond look decoration from a long star paper strips.  Look how excited the woman in red shirt or the confused one in black. Hihihi…

2. Sewing


Few old women tried to sew their own little doll, for example round owl. Interesting! Interesting! Even the instructor ( The woman with black cloth and specs) was excited. Sadly, no youth or the younger generation shown here. T_T


3. Bühneprogramm – Fashion Show.

Bühneprogramm - Fashion Show

The lady in white dress, showed her dress with her unique hairstyles – head full of hair rollers – Somehow it was funny as if you were hurriedly came out from the salon even before took of the rollers.    XD

Bühneprogramm - Fashion Show

The lady’s here was trying some weird move so only her head was shown.



4. Glass Art DIY

Glas Art DIY

Make your own glass model from colorful glass and glue them together into some kind of form. Look how curious the old people, looking so serious onto their own craft.


And here the photos from the second day visit.

1. The long corridor into the hall.
IMG_3449        IMG_3456

As the title say, it was the long road before we could reach the hall. It wasn’t maze but it took you left here and right there just to reach the hall. It made me suffered from excitement.



IMG_3455  IMG_3453

This photos showed how the visitors on their second visit. It was still with excitement to learn something, but it wasn’t packed like the first day.


3. Bühneprogramm – Tanzen

IMG_3454     IMG_3452

IMG_3451     IMG_3450

Five women dance with smile on their face and the fluttering fabric as they moved.


4. Painting


This wall of board made special for draw or paint anything you want, for FREE! The only section where you didn’t need to pay even single penny. Cool for kids to expand their creativity, and of course save your home walls for three days from kids paint and draw attack.

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