I Love Coffee Avatar Comments

I Love Coffee

For I Love Coffee players, i don’t if out there is post like this, but this avatar comment is pure on what i saw when i tapped them one by one. This will help all players who get trouble with the quests.

The Avatar Comments is based on their gender, age and of course their eyes.

1. Young Male Avatar with big eyes
My girlfriend’s running late
Still hungry…
Hmmm… A bit bitter. Where’s the syrup?
Should i eat some more?
I like it here
Great Coffee, Feelin’ good
What should i do today?
I should come more often

2.Young Male Avatar with medium eyes
Beautiful girls… Where are you?
Good, no couples around, good..
I’m being nice
Hmm. Where it is?
I know can be a great boyfriend
Whoa! This is good!
I’m a guy who know to look around me

3.Young Male Avatar with narrow eyes
No good jokes this days
Don’t want to moves…
What should i have for dinner
Boy, what’s next..
Why am i still sleepy?
I’m getting lazier by the minute…
So hungry . .
!? This taste..!

4.Old Man Avatar
The owner must have a great eye for the design
Hmm… Maybe he’s lost
Sigh.. how much longer i should wait . .?
I wonder which way’s the shortcut
Oh.. my back
Maybe i was sitting for too long
Things have changed a lot here
Great time to be alive – –
There are some beauties around here

5.Young Female Avatar with big eyes
Oh, happy day!
I love it here
I’m bored . .
Lalala.. hmm hmm
Where is she…
Oh.. i don’t wanna go home!
Watching people’s kinda fun

6.Young Female Avatar with medium eyes
Oh, i’m tired
There’s so many people here
Oh.. a headache
I should go shopping later
What should i do with my schedule
Well.. not bad
Oh.. my hair appointment
Why does he keep looking at me
I don’t get what the problem is..

7.Young Female Avatar with narrow eyes
. . . .
Not bad
Oh.. i don’t wanna go there
Is there anyone i know?
This place is legendary
What should my excuse be?
Love it!

8.Old Woman
Feel like it’s gonna rain soon
Where on earth did he go?
Won’t the real estate go higher?
I should come here more often
I’m getting fond of this place
Where did i park my car?
Can’t trust my memories…
Hmm.. What should i cook for dinner?

Well, if you got the quest about tap the costumer and hear ” . . . . ” comments, just be patient to tap them until they give you the right words.
If anyone find any mistake or missing comments, feel free to tell me..
Happy Tapping!

4 thoughts on “I Love Coffee Avatar Comments

  1. momo says:

    I was searching like forever for customer saying “great time to be alive”…
    Thanks a lot, you are my savior of the day 🙂


  2. Admin says:

    wow thanks for the list!! I remember some of them but sometimes I forget so this is very helpful. how about adding the new customers? the rich man, rich woman, foreigner girl and boy?


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