It’s hard to find the whole list of ribbon’s material. I typed  “Ribbon’s material” , “Material of ribbon” , “List of ribbon material” in google search engine, i could hardly fine a complete list of that. Well, there were one or couple of blogs wrote about that but it was a part of it and badly, no picture. it gave you extra worked to type the name one by one to look what kind of ribbon was that. Or you could find all the material of the ribbon, with picture ONLY and it was an online shopping. Oh my…

Everyones love an uncomplicated things, especially in urgent or (maybe) in super lazy state, like i was.

Driven annoyed by those simple reason, now i try to summarise every material i knew to make a ribbon. You are also welcome to message or leave comment if there’s existed material but wasn’t in my list.


So, here we go!

1. Satin Ribbon

For all crafter, especially in fashions and jewelries field, or maybe mom who love satin dress, this ribbon is made from the same exact material of that but in a small width. It is smooth when you touch. If you make a decor from this satin ribbon, it’ll look wonderfully lovely.

As for satin itself, it has different look and variety.

a.1. Fabric Satin Ribbon

Fabric Satin Ribbon  Fabric Satin Ribbon  Ombre Satin

Look how lovely the color and the texture is, of course the ombre look.

a.2 This is what fabric ribbon i have in my little storage box

Satin ribbon   Softer satin ribbon

Although they both are typical fabric satin ribbon, believe me, ribbons on the second picture are far softer than the first one. i don’t know why, but it might be because i bought them in different store and country.

b. Woven-In Wired Satin Ribbon

Wired satin

Doesn’t look like it has a wire? But it really has. Below is the picture between the wired and non wired.

Wired vs non wired satin

The wired satin, if fold until the end, then the wired would bent and fix, different than non wired, it could be folded almost until the end, as long as it doesn’t pressed so hard, it’ll leave no mark.



Satin’s variation will not end with those two type, but has lot of models and colors. Since i am not selling any ribbon, i try not to explain all of them.


2.Grosgrain Ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon is characterized by its tightly woven fibers and ribbed appearance. In the past, it was made from wool or silk, and nowadays grosgrain ribbon is created from all types of synthetic fabrics including polyester and nylon. Grosgrain fabric is known for its sturdiness and flexibility, making it perfect for all types of applications including craft projects, fashion designs, and hair accessories.

Grosgrain ribbon


3. Velvet Ribbon / Samtbänder

This ribbon is kinda different than other, it has soft texture although was made of nylon. If satin is soft, this velvet is also soft. If you know about velvet dress, then they have same softness, also with velvet boots.

This velvet ribbon is only soft on one sided as you see on the photo below.

Velvet ribbon 2 Velvet ribbon 1


4. Organza Ribbon

In the past, it was traditionally made from silk in China, India and France. But nowadays organza was made from polyester. This organza could be use as simple decor for table, ribbon, even as hair accessories.

11453-1_720x600     2452organza12cmlila2    10_135232920275828_organza_band_15_cm_breit_9m_lang_silber


5. Creeped Ribbon

As the name sounds, it is look like creeped paper, but in this case, ribbon.

57805022-index-creped-ribbon   578298-Index-Ribbon


6. Tulle Ribbon / Tüllband

This is a little hard to say ribbon as their width alone is bigger compare to normal ribbon. But doesn’t matter because tulle could be use as material for ribbon and accessories, for other crafts project and DIY decor.

TulleRibbonWhtSlvr10010559_x    TulleRibbonRoyal184003_x


7.Cords / Kordel

This cords, may not be included as ribbon, but it uses as ribbon’s partner for decor and accessories. It was made 100% from polyester, some are stretchable, some are not.

Cords  Cord 2


8. Ruffle Ribbon

This ruffle was made from a kind similar to organza. It has two types, which are stretchable (first photo) and non-stretchable (last photo).

Ruffle  No stretch ruffle


9. Chiffon ribbon

This chiffon is very similar to organza ribbon, with a smaller width, less than 1 cm.



10. Mesh Ribbon / Gitterbänder

It looks like exactly like net in various size, motive and color.



11. Wired Ribbon

In this point, as the name is, is all about ribbon with wire. Its material could be made from satin, organza, grosgrain, creeped. At least that was what i found so far during my hunting-buying-craft-materials. Outside from the listed material, i’ve found one wired ribbon made exactly from cotton, as if like your t-shirt has wired on it’s edge (of course it wasn’t 100% cotton).

Wire cloth ribbon Wired cloth ribbon


12. Poly ribbon

It has lot of different name. Some call it gift ribbon, some call it metallic ribbon, but i call it plastic ribbon.

Poly tibbon


13. Taftband / Taffeta Ribbon (Update 24.11.2015)

This is the one i forgot to mention before. This taffeta is  a crisp, smooth, plain woven fabric made from silk or cuprammonium rayons.

The different between them is almost unnoticeable if you aren’t use to both of them, especially only by looking from picture or through a glass window from a shop.

Silk and satin are both very smooth and super popular for its use in dress, decor, ribbon, craft, DIY, and so on. While they have similar feature and look, they are quite different in every aspect. We all know than silk is made from cocoons of silk worms, but satin is artificial, can be produced from such material like silk,  nylon and polyester.

While silk is more durable than satin, satin is more delicate and need an extra care during handling. Another is, silk has glimmering appearance while satin has a glossy surface and dull back (for one side satin only, because now exist satin with both glossy side).  Because of the materials, silk cost more than satin.

The more interesting facts, satin shrinks or stretches more than silk in hot water, while silk can withstand the high temperature. Silk can be hand washed with cold water, but avoid wringing too much to avoid the damage. Satin should be dry cleaned.

Taft vs satin

The white one is taffeta from silk and the purple is satin. Could you see the different? In one glance they look similar, but actually different.




Like i wrote in the beginning, if there are some missing ribbon, please be kind to inform me, so i could add it to the list, to make everything easier.




(Disclaimer : Some picture were found in google search like from http://www.papermart.com , crafty ribbon online shop in US and organza shop online shopping in Germany; and used it for the sake of example only. As for the rest with bad angle and background of photography, they were all my private materials for crafting. Please understand!)


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