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Yue Yi asked astonishingly, “What kind of misfortune have you experienced? Who made it difficult for you?”

With a wry smile on her face, Yun Ge said, “Wangye did. He said that even though I knew earlier that Guard Li was suspicious, I didn’t say anything. Then Wangfei would be trapped in danger and I would come to save Wangfei. If there is a chance within million that actually happened, I reckon that I cannot sit here and talk to you all today.”

Disappointed, the songstress all complained. “Ah!? You knew it earlier? Why didn’t you said it? Needless to say that Wangfei was in danger, we were also scared to death. It was a good thing you ruined it.”

Yue Yi nodded her head. “Yun Ge, in fact you were in the wrong.”

Yun Ge sighed desperately. Yesterday she was almost forced to be buried with the princess, today due to Wangye worrying for Wangfei, Wangye rebuked her. What kind of moral was that?

Several women were relatively depressed and stayed silent. From the outside Zhang Ma’s voice could be heard.

By opening the door, they saw Zhang Ma came and was followed by two maidservants by her side, the yesterday maids that stood on the side of the Wangfei. Their hands holding two large tray piled up with gold and silver jewelry and silk scarfed adding up like a hill. Suddenly the eyes of the women inside the room shone brightly.

Zhang Ma ordered the servants to put the things down and said that these were the rewards from Wangfei. Yun Ge thanked her three times before Zhang Ma took the servants away.

When she went back to her room, Yun Ge was meet with the sight of the women fighting excitedly like bloody cockfighters. Although Wangye didn’t seem to like Yun Ge, but the Wangfei seemed quite pleased with Yun Ge. As long Yun Ge followed Wangfei back to the palace, she didn’t need to worry about having no chance.

Yun Ge was forced to deal with them, listened to their frivolousness and they reluctantly left after eating dinner there. Before leaving, they didn’t forget reminded her repeatedly: After arriving at the Wangfu, do not forget to bring friends.

Yun Ge closed the door, stared at the gifts from Wangfei depressedly. Why doesn’t send her a cash reward instead? To carry these things around were very inconvenient and they were easily went into depreciation. That was really a big lost!


As she hastily put the gifts aside, Aunt Li came to help her boiled the water for bathing. A thought appeared to Yun Ge, from the pile of the gifts, she took three pieces of jade hairpin and put it in Aunt Li’s head.

Aunt Li quickly declined. “These things are too expensive. This old woman dare not to accept ah!”

Yun Ge smiled while saying, “Just take it. Give one to your daughter, the rest you can give it to your future daughter in law. I always troubled you, how can I be so ungrateful.”

Despite the refusal earlier, Aunt Li finally reluctantly accepted it. Yun Ge felt relieved. These things were better than some cash, but no matter what the outcome is, it is still good to give people something.

Wangye and Wangfei were rest in another pavilion for two days. Their intention about returning to the Wangfu in the capital was known by the servant of the room that currently boiled the pot and was spreaded out.

Every each of them thought about the possibility of being able to go back to the capital with Wangye. Many people had the same idea as Yun Ge. Yun Ge was thoroughly annoyed because they were hiding behind her as a shield. Anyway, the reputation of her addiction of sleeping were known not only for a day or two.

In the recent day, Wangye did not sent someone to harass her. She reckoned Wangye probably forgot about his own little servants. That gave her a piece of mind being that she only needed to wait Wangye go, then they can continue to live a dream life like a pest.

Yun Ge was very happy, there was also unhappy people, such as Zhao Jian Shen.

For these past two days he deliberately acted cold towards Yun Ge as a test. Other women in the pavilion, each one of them had tried every mean and trick to win his favor. This woman acted like there was nothing wrong in her life, all she did was sleeping all day long.  

(TL: 742  // E: Sovannah)


Man Chao Huan – Chapter 12


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Mr. Zhang seems like her, how about i send her to you?” Zhao Jian Shen smiled wickedly.

Count me out! How could a young fresh flower that that matches with this old man? What a violation under the heaven! Wangye, if you like, you can bring her into the Wangfu, pressumably Wangfei will be verry happy about that.” Zhang Qiao Yu this old urchin, Zhao An who stood beside him, he really wanted to laugh but dared not, only held it back painfully.

Say it straight to the point!” Zhao Jian Shen really didn’t want to urge this old man recklessly.

Ah, this Yun Ge acted strange and indifferent, unlike those women from lowbirth, her attitude is neither overbearing nor humble. Speaking about that, even the ordinary man who dares to express their opinion in front of Wangye are not much. This girl is really not that simple, ah!”

Zhao Jian Shen nodded slightly, hinted Zhao An that the old man also talk about his own opinion.

Very calm and composure. Just like yesterday, under such a dangerous situation, it was clearly seen that, rarely, a weak woman dare to confront a 7-feet tall man armed with weapon and decided anything decisively. She is not an ordinary person, but…” Zhao An wondered about what kind of words should he used.

But i feel her answer for today was not revealing all the truth.” Zhang Qiao Yu said with a smile.

According to what i have remembered, this Yun Ge seemed to deliberately move further away from the position Li Kai was on, avoided to stay too close to Li Kai.” Zhao An said.

This girl should have known that Li Kai was hiding something since the beginning. Zhao An, have you really confirmed that she really doesn’t know any martial arts?”

“Judging from her breathing and movement, she does not seem know any martial arts.” Zhao An was very sure about that.

Wangye, from what this old man see, this girl Yun Ge’s background is really not that simple. Since there is no more malicious intention towards this Wangfu, just want to see what Wangye will do to take care the matter on hand.” Zhang Qiao Yu winked with a hidden meaning, didn’t expect that this Wangye’s attitude was so plain as water surface, to think he could fooled this old man’s eyes.

Wangye was clear as day very interested in this woman!

The more interesting part to see was at the time this woman looked at Wangye’s eyes insipidly with her clear eyes and didn’t seem different from the way she looked at an ordinary person.

It was unexpectedly existed a woman that didn’t have even a bit interest in this high rank Wangye who was smart and handsome that was famous among seven country?! This was really not a simple amusement.

Yun Ge had not yet finished her lunch, several singer dragged Yue Yi along who was quite familiar with Yun Ge to her room. Although they were frightened yesterday, but to find that Wangye was so handsome and then they thought since yesterday Yun Ge had saved Wangfei, she made a great contributions and to be summoned today, their heart were thumped irregularly.

Perhaps, soon Yun Ge would became the rightful Wangfei on the Wangye’s side, only by her mentioning their name, they didn’t need to sit on the cold bench alone anymore.

This several women bickered around Yun Ge, kept asking her the same question about how was the meeting with the Wangye just now, what kind of clothes was the Wangye wearing, what were they talking about, who was waiting beside Wangye. The main focus was would Yun Ge come along with Wangye to going back to his Wangfu?

Yun Ge’s head suffered a great dizziness and reluctantly said: “This little woman has just come back from the calamity, the beauties here please be lenient on me and spare me this time, alright?”



I stood still on the ground, couldn’t clearly tell what kind of feeling i had in my heart, only said: “Wu Min Jun, you people are really…”

How was it for real, but didn’t know how to say it.

He instructed me to summon Sheng An back, treated her properly, because i was the one who started the conversation: “Do you know, she is dressed just in plain clothes, her ear is only decorated with white colored flower bud….” He made me to change it into blossomed flower, and actually because of that, they got an answer from Sheng An, a terrible information.

Wu Min Jun understood women than women herself. I really don’t understand how he was born with such exquisite intelligence and twisted mind.

Wu Min Jun looked at me. “What?”

I shook my head. “It’s nothing, only i feel Sheng An is really pitiful.”

Just because people deceived her to think she can have you.” Wu Min Jun’s lips twitched. “You still can say such nonsense.”

I let out a sigh. “Precisely because of that that i think she was so pitiful. To be cheated like that was not an honorable things.”

Hey, who did you know that Sheng An will tell you that?”

It was obvious, since they wanted to assassinate me, it was impossible for them to do the impossible task only once. But i couldn’t predict the precise time, that’s why i coaxed the words out from Sheng An.” He said ligthly.

I shook my head: “Smart like a demon. Wu Min Jun, i am afraid that you will not life for long due to the jealousy from others because of your outstanding ability.”

With hidden understanding, Wu Min Jun said: “Rest assured, as my empress, you must be burried with me.”

I glanced at him and said: “What are we going to do about this? Letting her go like that to Nan Wen Country? What about the people in her clan?”

Wu Min Jun said: “Kill them.”

I was perplexed: “Ah? Didn’t you said, as an emperor, you cannot let out image of a tyrant and arbitarily kill people?”

Wu Min Jun faintly smiled: “Who said that i am murderous? Princess Sheng An didn’t only tell us, also left the evidence.”

I hesitantly asked: “That three words?”

Wu Min Jun smiled and nodded his head. He draw out that paper that had three words ‘Yuan Jun An’. “It was a well copy from Yi Wang Family. Irregardless of old and young, or their gender, they are all to be punished.”

…..” I stared blankly at Wu Min Jun for short awhile before shook my head. “I do not make such a decree.”

Wu Min Jun coldly said: “What has happened?”


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Man Chao Huan – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Yun Ge was startled. Mother oh Mother….. This man changed too fast! She secretly stole a glance at Zhao Jian Shen, he was exactly the same evil* like the old fox bos this year, one with ruthless character, casually fooled others that even death sounded miserable.

(*腹黑老狐狸 – fù hēi lǎohúlí : Black bellied old fox. i notice that lot of C-novel have this words. i searched google and it said black bellied means like someone who has evil thought, should be like Jun Wu Xie from GDBBM.)

To honestly said to one self that you are inhuman and i am unrighteous, let the bandits seized the Wangfei, pretended to be poisoned to escape the chaos? Then looked at the bandits, who originally planned to rape the girls and kill them afterwards, only to have a temporary change of mind?

That’s being said, they were all dead for sure.

But if you said it all together recklessly, it was very likely that she would suffer the same fate as the bandits, a death.

As if she could read his mind, Yun Ge replied him with determination: “This lowly one only felt a doubt, but there is no evidence. That why i dare not to say, did not intentionally deceive anyone.”

The look on Zhao Jian Shen’s face was still normal, she boldly continued: “Guard Li, who at that time lying down around the corner said ‘Send out guards for help, all brothers has been killed’. At that time, this lowly one didn’t feel anything wrong with that. After that, all the guards came to defend from the outside, meanwhile in the hall only this Guard Li left alone. This lowly servant was timid. But by recalling that sentence, she felt something wrong.”

By the time Guard Li came, the bandits had besieged the manor for one two shichen*. If in a case that big brother guard was killed in the village, he didn’t need to wait until now to report. If he was killed during the journey, how did he learned the information? All of this was just this lowly servant blind presumption, so she dared not to act recklessly, also didn’t want to accuse wrongly at the guards’ life in the Wangfu, that’s why she dared not to say. Regarding to the fear that Wangfei experienced, this lowly servant really deserves death of thousands time**.

(*This shichen is really popular within historical C-novel. If i am not mistaken, 1 shichen = 2 hours of our modern time)

(**万死 : thousands of death. A famous words in every historical C-novel, even in C-drama.)

Well, she said it like this should be very reasonable and fair. Yun Ge secretly cheered in her heart.

You are overly cautious! This time’s matter, you really deserved the credit. You retreat first, Wangfei will reward you later!” Zhao Jian Shen no longer made it hard for her, only looked probing at her eyes with deeper meaning.

Yun Ge forced herself to calmly thanked him and bid him farewell before exiting the study room. He walked slowly all the way back to her room while spitting out all the sighed without no one looking.

What a terrible situation, almost reveal the secret!

In fact, at that time she found to suspicion. First was the words from the guard. Secondly was from the clothes of the guard. The upper part of it was stained with blood, but the whole clotes was completely tidy and neat. He was cut through the waist part, so where were so much blood come from? But since the guard had been clutching the wound from his waist, no one could see clearly how worse was the wound. But during the move, from inside the gap was revealed a white colored middle garment. In contrast on the outer part of his clothes there was a trace of blood. Blood flowed from inside out, so it was very unreasonable that the middle garment had less blood than the outer clothing.

Yun Ge who had seen this tiny facts, recalled that the words from the guard was not usual only to infer that he was the spy. But according to her knowledge, here in this world, the matter of dignity between men and women was a very serious thing. If a weak young women dared to stare at the man which covered with blood, it was no doubt like seeing a ghost. Therefore, under many consideration, she let them found any loophole in her rather than deliberately concealed it but no solid evidence to prove herself.

To be able to eat the delicious ribs and carrots that Aunt Li specially cooked for her, Yun Ge secretly rejoice in her heart that she passed today’s hurdle, but she didn’t care about the loophole those old fox had found in her.

In the study room, Zhao Jian Shen asked Zhang Qiao Yu and Zhao An: “What do you think about this Yun Ge?”

Zhang Qiao Yu revealed a very casual looked and smiled: “She is indeed a beauty.”

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Glossary – Man Chao Huan

This Glossary is intended fully for better understanding of Man Chao Huan.  If you need more clearly and good explanation, please visit this wonderful blog : Historical Information and Glossary. (Thanks to web’s recommendation from our meticulous reader bobolander, Nice Job!!)









Hua Ting Shang (花厅上) : literary mean Flower Room. For the best, i choose HuaTing hall.



Ji Guo (纪国) : Ji Kingdom



Li Er Sao (李二嫂) : Aunt Li, the caretaker of Yun Ge

Li Kai (李凯) : Imperial Bodyguard, a spy in Zhao Wangfu


Ma (妈) : In modern time, it means mother. In the story it means more like the old servant that serve her master for a long time, that it feels like another mother without any blood relation.

Mu Fei (母妃) : mother consort or mother concubine


Nanyuan (南苑) : the southern part / side  of the mansion.

Ning Guo (宁国) : Ning Kingdom





Su Bai Wan (苏百万) : millionaire Su or the rich merchant Su, the one who sent our MC to Zhao Wangfu


Tai Jian (太监) : Eunuch / Supervisor

Ting Shang (厅上) : Hall




Wangfei (王妃) : Royal Consort

Wu Wangfei (武王妃) : Royal Consort Wu

Wangfu (王府) : Mansion of a prince

Wangye (王爷) : Prince, the son of the emperor


Yue Yi (月伊) : the singer of Zhao Wangfu, in the same group as Yun Ge

Yun Ge (云歌) : our main female MC. She has the same name as the female MC in Yun Zhong Ge.



Zhao An Ren (赵安忍) : personal servant of Zhao Jian Shen

Zhang Ma (张妈) : The old servant of Royal Consort Wu / Wu Wangfei

Zhang Qiao Yu (张乔予) : Zhang Ma’s father, Zhao Jian Shen’s teacher, advisor, minister of first rank

Zhao Wangfu (赵王府) : The mansion of Prince Wu

Man Chao Huan – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

To meet with some high figure was really troublesome.

Zhao Jian Shen ordered Zhang Ma to call someone, waiting for a time the tea to brew, but still didn’t anyone come. His finger flipped the page of the book before him up and down as his lips curled up into a shallow smile.

On his his side, the one that served him, Zhao An Ren, couldn’t but shivered. Wangye is an impatient person! This Yun Ge, to actually made Wangye wait for her, she was really in a very bad luck.

At this time, outside the study room, an old teacher* came in, but didn’t greet Zhao Jian Shen, let out a loud cry: “What a big guts does this person have, to actually make Wangye waiting for so long.”

(*老儒生 : lit. means old scholar. Since he is old and i read his description further, he is better an old teacher.)

Zhao Jian Shen let out a laugh as well, but he didn’t give any respond.

Zhao An turned towards the old teacher, bowed in courtesy: “Yue Zhang*, Wangye just now have summoned the person who saved Wangfei yesterday night, Yun Ge.”

(* 岳丈: Yue Zhang. While 丈 – Zhang is his family name, this one confuse me. Based on our uncle google, it means in law. To say Zhang-in-law, i don’t see the connection between this old man and ZJS’s family.)

It turns out to be a beauty ah… No wonder Wangye doesn’t mind waiting for so long.” The old teacher named Zhang Qiao Yu*, was an instructor of an institution, who none other than Zhang Ma’s father. At the same time, he was also the Minister of First Rank and a Imperial Teacher, but always acted like an old urchin*, never cared about any etiquette, in fact had a rich wisdom. He also had many accomplishment in Medical field and Astronomy. He was very popular that almost everyone in the Wangye Fu** respected him.

(*This is the old’s man real name.)

(** Wangye Fu is the prince mansion. Starting this chapter i will leave it as fu or wangfu, to let the feeling of historical chinese more thick)

By then, Yun Ge came together with Zhang Ma.

According to the etiquette in her memories, Yun Ge bowed down as she greeted Wangye and conveyed the thousands of blessing, but also didn’t sure what she did was according to the standard or not. The first meetin with the master*, she hoped he didn’t mind it too much.

(*老板 : lit. mean boss. Usually used to call the shopkeeper or the one that manage the restaurant, or the mafia boss in modern era. But in this case, i use term ‘master’, to suit their situation and circumstances. I imagined that ZJS is like a mafia boss and laughed, doesn’t suit him at all. (* ˚᷄ ˚᷅ *))

“You are Yun Ge? Raise your head.”

Yun Ge respectfully raised his head and said: “Yes!” But in her heart, she said: “Rubbish.”

Zhao Jian Shen observed the woman before him carefully. She was indeed beautiful. Among the women he had seen in his whole life, she also had superior appearance, with a pair of almond eyes with gaze that clear as water. Looked at her eyes once again, it felt as if it was a wave of vast mist*

(*仿佛烟波浩渺, i really had no better idea how to put it. If anyone does, please kindly tell me, i am really inept at such flowery description XD)

By looking at her eyes, her appearance was no longer important.

Only her dress was too plain – He didn’t know that what he saw was the style afte she changed, and her original style before change was more ‘miserable’, too horrible to look at.

Zhao Jian Shen humphed coldly in his heart. She used too much time to change dress, was she really didn’t used to dress up, or she intended to used this kind of unique look to attract their attention?

Look at Zhao Jian Shen again, Yun Ge silently praised the man before her in her heart. He is really handsome ah… very handsome and masculine, but didn’t appear to be overbearing. His lips curled up a bit, smiled gently and appeared to be friendly. The whole figure appeared as if he was a son of an earthly god, very distinguished and amiable. But from the way he killed the bandits yesterday night, approximately he was the most bad person to deal with, because he was like a smiling tiger*.

(*笑面虎: yes, it is smilling tiger. But the mean here is like you appear to be harmless on the outside but actually dangerous. Kinda like young tiger, i like it and want to pet it, but need to be careful XD)

“Yesterday, you are the one that knocked down the spy to save Wangfei?” From any question he could asked, Zhen Jian Shen asked the most obvious one.

Yun Ge searched her mind to find the right answer for this kind of question, so she answered it not too much but also not to light: “To be entrusted with Wangfei’s well being, Yun Ge doesn’t dare to claim any credit.”

Good that you don’t have the guts to claim the credit! You know that Li Kai is a spy, why don’t you report it? What is your purpose?” Zhao Jian Shen said it in flat tone, however his smiled didn’t cease even a slight, but he spit out a word that as sharp as the unseathed sword and let out a murderous intent to press her.


T/N : I hate ZJS a bit in the end. i really want to chew him alive. what a typical arrogant male MC. Poor YG! Without her, you’ll lost your mother, you stupid ZJS!!

Man Chao Huan – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 (Officially translated by 742 (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ )

“Do you think she is suspicious?”

“The girls who came from the same place as Yun Ge said, that on their way to the Prince manor, she was seriously ill. After that, she just forgot her past for good. There were a time when she asked someone about strange things. This old servant had tested her before, she seems a little weird.”

“Other than today, there is nothing suspicious about her.”


” Today, Yun Ge was the one that had noticed their plan in an instant, that in the end saved the Princess. It happened really too fast.”

“You mean, she was the one that anticipated the movement of the Imperial Bodyguard Li*?”

(*Previously he was Li Guards based on JJSS08. In this chapter, i change him into imperial bodyguard Li.)

Zhang Ma was hesitated. In her heart, she was unwilling to believe that Yun Ge had a bad purpose. But out of loyalty to the Wangfu, she answered with certainty: “Yes.

“Today you all have worked very hard. Zhang Ma, you can go back to rest early.” Zhao Jian Shen stopped the conversation.

Looked at the back of Zhang Ma leaving the room, Zhao Jian Shen smiled. It seems that Zhang Ma appreciated Yun Ge so much. It was indeed interesting.

The time Yun Ge woke up, it was almost the lunch time. She dress up abit before went out to take the food that was prepared by Aunt Li. Well, the smell was really delicious! There should be spare ribs and carrots!

Zhang Ma came and saw the happy look on Yun Ge’s face when she held the food box while bathing under the sun. She looked a child, caused her smiled. Now is almost noon, does this girl just got up?

“Miss, Wangye invites you to come immediately to ask something from you.”

“Ah? Going there right now? To disturb Wangye’s lunch time, that is really not a good idea.” Yun Ge took a look at the food box in her arms, felt extremely sad. If someone understood her a little bit, what she meant earlier was “That is not a good thing to bother my lunch time.”

Looked at her reluctant look, Zhang Ma thought, based on the identity of Wangye, if he happened to summon a girl, do not need to mention a delayed meal time, even if the girl’s stomach is empty and last for another day or two, they are willing to go. This Yun Ge, is she really do not care about that or just a pretend? If it was the latter, then she is too naive.

“Wangye summons you, so you should go there quickly!” She couldn’t help but to raise the tone.

Yun Ge let ou a sigh, reluctantly put down the food box, in the end she went to.

Zhang Ma pulled her back: “This miss really intends to go like this?”

Yun Ge looked at herself, only to come into an understanding, that her face was to plai, also wore the plain robes with dull appearance. No need to mention a hairpin or bracelet, she even had no earrings on her ear. To actually see the Wangye like this, it was a bit too casual.

“Miss, please go inside to change your clothes for the better one.” Zhang Ma implicitly said, that maidservants on the Wangye’s mansion, although beautiful, couldn’t be spoiled. To allow Wangye looked at that, the person in charge also knew that this girl didn’t mean it.

Yun Ge blinked as she excuse to Zhang Ma that had been waiting for her at the door, obediently went back into the room while holding the food box.

It was also good. She could stealthy eat the luxurious food there, hehe!


T/N : She cares about food more than the prince (´つヮ⊂). Poor ZJS!!