Question about MCH 16-17

Hello hello there!!!!

Sorry to raise your hope high, but i finished chapter 15, only waiting for the editor to take care of the grammar. Meanwhile i want to know your opinion about ch 16-17. These two chapter are about the job Zhao Jian Shen dumps to Yun Ge and they –  rather Zhao Jian Shen meet Yun Ge who is sleep at the moment, without any heart thumping interaction, and only one paragraph of small talk while the rest are description.

I can translate it, no problem, but since i am impatient people, which i bet you all also like that, how about i do some summary? Our couple are still have no interaction until chapter 22, anyway. So guys, should i translate it or just summary or any suggestion?

9 thoughts on “Question about MCH 16-17

  1. XD says:

    Summary is fine. Except; can you translate the scene where he is in the bedroom? There might be some foreshadowing or whatnot…eheh.

    Thanks for the hard work!


  2. KuroNeko says:

    Personally I want chapter translated, since I’m not looking for fast romance but character interaction that will hopefully build up to something substantial . I’m slightly sick of stupid romances with way too fast plots that seem to turn the characters, especially the female ones stupid and submissive. (Remember that one short novel translated by white tiger?)

    Although if you want to make a summary then it’s entirely up to you


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