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I had read ahead until chapter 18, ewwww, a bit slow and need patience, because our lovely pair are not …… (insert whatever you want). I plan to translate it until chapter 18 or 19 these week, but i cannot force my lovely editor to do the same, unless you want the unedited and mix grammar Chapter, i can post it, so tell me in comments. (a good way to get comments from you all (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜 )



Wangye was in the badmood. As the person in charge of him and his guards commander, the two naturally could guess what was on Wangye’s mind so Zhao An secretly asked Zhang Ma to inquire Yun Ge’s situation after the test*.

(*In case anyone ask what kind of test is that, in previous chapter, ZJS ignored YG and instead got ignored by her. There is no long explanation, but use imagination in this part. Using C-Drama as reference is also good)

Zhang Ma brought back the news that caused Zhao An’s head to hurted. The schadenfreude Zhang Qiao Yu was overjoyed as Zhang Ma repeated the information she got about Yun ge – that girl Yun Ge was indeed wanted to stay in separate courtyard.

That being said, several people still couldn’t believe from the bottom of their heart that there was a woman that more than willing to give up the chance to being a phoenix soaring to the sky. Instead, she would chose to ‘fall from the grace’, stayed in the cold palace like the unfavored concubine.

Even after Wangye and his entourage had travel ten miles, Yun Ge had not changed, showing no movement. They all thoroughly believed that Yun Ge was the rarest creature that exist under the heaven.

Zhao Jian Shen was still able to smile warmly like a jade, but the very closed people around him all knew that Wangye was very unhappy!

The entourage kept continue their trip back to the capital city. At the same night, Zhao Jian Shen, without telling anyone, secretly went back to the Hua Ting Hall. Going by to what Zhang Ma told him about Yun Ge’s room, he stealthly and directly snuck into her courtyard.

Zhao Jian Shen came into her room through the window from the outside as he faintly heard the constant sound of her breathing. Knowing that the person in the room was sleeping soundly, Zhao Jian Shen raised his hand to gently push the window without making any sound.

After he opened the window, with one quick leap, Zhao Jian Shen entered the room and saw his own shadow reflected due to the moonlight. This was not a laughing matter. A dignified Wangye like him, to actually doing the same things like a kidnapper only to see his own concubine*, if this was spread out, he would be laughingstock in the entire capital city.

(*ZJS really claims Yun Ge as his concubine, not just a servant, but not even a wife or someone he likes.)

With his skill, in the middle of the darkest night or the usual night made no difference for Zhao Jian Shen. Walked to the side of the bed, he lifted up the veil that covered the bed. On the bed slept the beauty who these past few days kept appearing on his mind.

His fingers gently brushed the eyebrow above of her eyes. He couldn’t help but remember their moment in the library, how Yun Ge looked straight at him with the pair of tranquil and bright eyes where his shadow was reflected. It was engraved deeply in his heart.

He desired this woman but this woman seemed to lacked interest toward him. According to the news from Zhang Ma told him, the moment she heard about their departure, she was very happy! So very damn happy!

Zhao Jian Shen was frustrated, but couldn’t stop the excitement inside of him. It had been such a long time that someone was able to provoke the turbulence in his heart, although it was unintentional.

Due to his prestige and pride, he naturally refused to do such a disgusting act such as forcing an unwilling woman. But due to the unhappiness in his heart, he also couldn’t let this woman lived a happy life!

The deep in sleep Yun Ge felt itchy from all of his touching, frowning as she tried to escape from him.

Zhao Jian Shen smiled. His left hand gently twisted Yun Ge’s chin toward him as he lean closer, gently kissed the red lips of the young maiden, whispered softly, “I will give you another chance. If your appear before me once again, I will take you with me.”

Yun Ge who had been harassed even in her beautiful dream, unconsciously twisted her body around and rolled up into the blanket like a kitten.

Zhao Jian Shen who was about to leave, looking at this cute and funny looking, suddenly he really wanted to turned back. He should just take her with him now!

(TL: 742 / E: Sovannah )

25 thoughts on “MAN CHAO HUAN – CHAPTER 14

  1. yuu says:

    thank you for the update <33

    btw, i was wondering, the one who's saved by Yun Ge is Prince Zhao's mom right? and her name is imperial consort Wu? but why in the novel it keeps written as Wu Wangfei, instead using Guifei (or any other imperial consort title)? i almost thought she's Prince's Zhao legitimate wife, bc everyone called prince zhao as wangye, and her mother as wangfei. (but then again prince zhao called her 'mufei', so it's obv she's his mom)

    idk much knowledge about these titles, so, i hope someone could explain this to me ;u;


    • aneztata says:

      The first 6 or 7 chapter were translated by other translator, which was kinda confusing for me. As far as i understand, ZJS mom is always called wangfei, which she is either a wife from prince or a wife of the emperor’s brother, or sort. So Far there is still no information about their status. Until chapter 22, is still introduction about Yun Ge and their slow developed romance. Just stay tune for more :p


    • aneztata says:

      Thanks, i am back, i hope can find fix time to translate, maybe after new semester begin. One for sure, i will not throw this series away, only the speed is rather like newborn turtle, very very slow


  2. KuroNeko says:

    Hope he doesn’t force her to go back with him whilst acting all arrogant.
    I’m sick of those kinds of male leads that think everything they do is right. Those kind of male lead will pamper the female lead in a way that they don’t nessecarily want to be pampered. And just becaus they think what they doing is a good thing or that loads of people would want to be treated the same way that they think how they treat the female lead is her benefit
    I can’t understand the female leads that fall in love with those kinds either

    (Cough* the imperial princess accidentally seduced her husband – hated that book)

    Hopefully this isn’t one of those novels where the MC falls in love for stupid tropes and overly justified male leads that make no sense.


    • aneztata says:

      Hahaha, i hope so too. And i drop those series you mentioned because it is not my cup of tea and somehow unrealistic or nah, just different from my liking. So far Yun Ge is still ignored ZJS and try any possible way to avoid him…


  3. hicaro says:

    I´m fine wich the unedited translation because it its beter that nothing and when the editor version go out it can be read again .
    thank for the chaper


  4. Maja says:

    Thanks for the chapter
    Aaaand to be honest if the grammar is mixed or not perfect.. well who cares 😀 i’d rather read the story because it’s interesting
    Sooo thanx again 🙂


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