Man Chao Huan – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 (Translated by JJSS08)

After a while she returned, and it was apparent that her steps were much hastier. She said a few words to the Wu Wangfei and her face darkened by three shades.

Yun Ge watched from afar and had the feeling that things were not all right – no, this couldn’t be happening; what sort of bandit was this ferocious? Not to mention that they would attack in the broad daylight, they had managed to hold out until now! Seemed like an organized crime, with no reprieve until the goal was accomplished.

As if falling in accordance with Yun Ge’s line of thought, the once periodic and half-hidden bloody cries of the soldiers now became increasingly clear and fierce. The girls in the room could no longer bear it, their cry became more loud and louder.

Wu Wangfei had already been very irritated. Now hearing the horror of these cry, she loudly slapped the table, demanding, “What are you crying for?!”

With this order, this movement, the cries were instantly cut off, left with only a few low whimpers.

Yun Ge knew she shouldn’t, but she was almost unable to resist laughing.

At this time, there was a sudden noise, and Zhang Ma opened the doors, only to see a tall soldier half dyed with blood, face pale, standing outside; she could not help but cry, “Guard Li!”

The man who had been called Guard Li used one hand to hold onto the door, heavily gasped two times, and then brokenly said, “The damn bandits.. they have already advanced to outside the southern side of the mansion, we sent out… send out some brothers for help, but they were all killed…” And just as he finished, he was unable to support himself any longer, and fell forward. Fortunately, a sturdy man behind him was able to catch him.

The girls in the courtyard had never expected to see a person bleeding so much in their entire life and gave pitched screams, but were quickly gagged by those around them.

Even a moron would know that the Wangfei was very annoyed. If they kept screaming like this, it was probably she would sort them out before the bandits had the chance to!

At this point the Wangfei did not care about whatever differences there were between men and woman, and ordered that Guard Li be carried into a corner of the courtyard, then told the soldiers outside to come in for a conference.

Yun Ge was by the door, and seeing the hurt soldier pass by her, faintly felt that something was wrong, and made her best to move as far away from that soldier as possible.

The head of the guard kept following by the side of the Wangfei, and had been one of the sturdy men outside the gate, around fifty years of age, with a heavyset body and a powerful appearance.

He discussed some things with the Wangfei in a low voice, Yun Ge stood not too far away from them, and faintly heard something like, “Night, guard with your life, wall,” those types of words, and seeing the sky, she guessed that they were worried that after the sun had set, the bandits would invade under the cover of night, and find ways to scale the walls. In that case it would be difficult to tell between friend and foe, and the situation was even more unfortunate; there was a rankling feeling in her heart – so it was true that just isolating oneself in their house would draw havoc from heaven!

Wu Wangfei couldn’t figure out much with the guard, and then at outside their cries grew louder and louder; she could only order them to guard the courtyard.

The head of the guard looked hesitantly at the girls in the courtyard. The imperial consort understood what he meant to and sneered: “These weak girls, what can they do to me?”

The guard thought a little, and then brought in some soldiers from the outside to protect the comparatively weak places within the courtyard, just in case the bandits secretly entered for an internal attack.

The soldier that lying at the corned of the wall, whispered a few words to the two soldiers around him, and the two men signaled the Wangfei before going outside to guard the position as well.

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