Scallions Self Growth Day 1

Have you ever imagine it? An easy way to get scallion as much as you want? Yeah, i did that. Thursday, i found that way in another popular blog an thought : wheeeeewww…how stupid i was to bought scallions whereas some super eaaasyyyy way exist. And yeah i love to do some interesting experiment.
And yeah, i don’t wanna spend any money on things i could do by my self…

The way to do it, like i said, is really easy. You just need some bowl, or maybe anything you can use as a bowl, a stone, which is rock, or pebbles or some seaglass (that what i read and i just used some stone for decoration) and of course the scallions with root.
Just cut your scallions ca 5 cm from the root and put it together with stone in that what you can use as bowl.


That was what i made in thursday at 3 pm. As instruction from the popular blog, i’m waiting for 7 days to harvest it..

Aaaaaaand you know what happen to mine? Just in next 18 hours, that scallions already growth… You can see it by yourself.


Well it after you to believe it or not. Me myself too, didn’t believed it, but it was true. Thats why i took picture everyday to see the progress.

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